大学英语 新标准高职实用综合教程(第2版)第四册 Unit 02

大学英语 新标准高职实用综合教程(第2版)第四册 Unit 01

Unit 02 : Animation > Listening and Watching > Listening

  • Listen to the passage and supply the missing words or phrases.

  •       Animation is the rapid (1) of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model (2)  in order to create an illusion of movement. The (3)  is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of (4)  of vision, and can be created and (5)  in several ways. The most (6)  method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or (7)  , although there are other methods. The (8)  of the name “animation” comes from the Latin name anima, the “animating principle”, the (9) force inside every (10) .
  • 正确答案:1. display   2. positions   3. effect   4. persistence   5. demonstrated   6. common   7. video program   8. origin   9. vital   10. living creature  
  • Script:
          Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. The effect is an optical illusion of motion due to the phenomenon of persistence of vision, and can be created and demonstrated in several ways. The most common method of presenting animation is as a motion picture or video program, although there are other methods. The origin of the name “animation” comes from the Latin name anima, the “animating principle”, the vital force inside every living creature.

Unit 02 : Animation > Text Study > Text A

  • Peyo, the Father of the Blue Empire
  • 1     Who was the man that dropped out of art school almost as soon as he entered, and whose teacher told him he had no future in cartooning? Who was the mastermind behind the blue empire that helped define a generation of kids in the 1980s?
    2     The television show he inspired ran for nearly ten years. Little blue and white creatures were everywhere — and one man from Belgium was responsible for it all.
    3     The Smurfs began with a man named Pierre Culliford, otherwise known as Peyo. Peyo was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1926 to an English father and a Belgian mother.
    4     He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels but dropped out at 17. He looked in the paper for a job. Two caught his eye: offers for a dental assistant and an illustrator. When he presented himself to the dentist, he was told he was just 15 minutes too late!
    5     Peyo began work at a small Belgian animation studio where he met a few of his future colleagues. When the studio folded after the war, the other artists went to work for Dupuis, a Belgian publisher of comic books and magazines, but Peyo, a few years younger than the others, was not accepted.
    6     Peyo made his first comics for the newspaper The Latest Hour. He wrote and drew a number of characters and storylines, and his favorite was Johan et Pirlouit (translated into English as “Johan and Peewit”), which was a continuation of the series Johan he had created earlier.
    7      Set in the Middle Ages in Europe, Johan et Pirlouit stars a brave young page to the king, and his faithful and mischievous sidekick. Johan rides off to defend the meek on his trusty horse, while Peewit gallops behind on his goat. The pair are driven by duty to their king and the courage to defend the underpowered. Peewit only appeared in the third adventure in 1954, but would stay for all later adventures.
    8     It was Johan et Pirlouit that gave birth to Peyo’s most popular creation of the Smurfs. 1958 was the year it all began — the year that would change Peyo’s life and legacy forever.
    9     In 1958, Peyo created a Johan et Pirlouit story called “The Flute with Six Holes”. In this story, Johan and Pirlouit meet our little blue buddies, the Smurfs, for the very first time. The Smurfs are three apples tall and live during the medieval era.
    10     Dupuis wanted to see if the Smurfs could be spun-off from Johan et Pirlouit. They tested the Smurfs comic in special mini-stories to see if the Smurfs would be popular solo. And yes, readers loved the Smurfs! The Smurfs soon eclipsed Johan and Pirlouit in popularity.
    11     The Smurfs were popular basically everywhere French-language comics were sold in the 1960s. A Smurf film was the next logical step — a full length Smurf movie was released in 1976. All the Smurfs needed to do next was to conquer the rest of the world in multiple languages.
    12     Peyo could not have imagined how popular his little blue friends would become. The sheer volume of Smurf figurines, dolls, and music sold in the American market was astounding. It was absolutely impossible to be alive in the United States and not see, hear, and experience the Smurfs in the 1980s. They were everywhere: even live Smurf mascots could be found at amusement parks! The Smurfs were icons of the 1980s but things started to slow down in 1989. Once the Smurfs cartoon show ended, Smurf mania began to subside.
    13     The Smurfs didn’t disappear, however. Nothing could stop the success of Peyo’s creation — not even his own death. Peyo died of a heart attack on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1992. Peyo’s heirs have continued to support the Smurfs with collectibles, promotions and publications throughout Europe and the rest of the world.



1    是谁踏进艺术学校的大门不久就辍学了?是谁的老师说他在动画界毫无前途可言?又是谁创建了蓝精灵王国,成为20世纪80年代的孩子们的童年记忆?

2    在他的灵感激发下创作的动画片连续播放了将近十年。在那个年代,那群蓝白相间的小精灵无所不在——这一切都得益于一个比利时人的创作。

3    蓝精灵出自皮埃尔•库利福之手,他还有个别名叫贝约。贝约1926年生于比利时布鲁塞尔,父亲是英国人,母亲是比利时人。

4    他曾就读于布鲁塞尔的美术学院,却在17岁时辍学。之后,他开始在报纸上找工作,看上了两个职位:牙医助手和插画师。不过,等他见到牙医的时候,却被告知就来晚了那么15分钟!

5    于是贝约开始在比利时一间小型动画工作室工作,在那儿,他认识了几个后来的同事。二战后,工作室倒闭,别的员工都去了迪普伊公司工作,那是比利时一家出版漫画书与漫画杂志的公司。只有年纪比其他人小几岁的贝约没被录用。

6    贝约的首部漫画作品是为报纸《最新一刻》创作的。他创作了一些人物和故事情节,其中他本人最喜爱的是《约翰与皮鲁伊》(英译为“约翰与皮威”),这是他以前创作的“约翰系列”的延续。

7    《约翰与皮鲁伊》的故事发生在中世纪的欧洲,主角是国王手下年轻的勇士,以及他忠诚而又淘气的跟班。约翰骑着他忠实可靠的马外出保护驯良的民众,而皮鲁伊骑着山羊跟着他飞驰。为国王尽责的信念以及保护弱小的勇气鼓舞着他们。皮鲁伊在1954年的第三次冒险故事中才出现,但之后的每次冒险都有他。

8    正是《约翰和皮鲁伊》造就了贝约最受欢迎的作品——蓝精灵。一切开始于1958年,这一年将永远改变贝约的人生和他将来留下的遗产。

9    1958年,贝约给《约翰和皮鲁伊》系列写了一个故事,名叫《六孔长笛》。在这个故事里,约翰和皮 鲁伊第一次结识了我们的那些蓝色小朋友——蓝精灵。蓝精灵家族生活在中世纪,成员身高大致相当于三个苹果叠在一起。

10    迪普伊公司想知道蓝精灵是不是能从《约翰和皮鲁伊》中脱离出来自立门户,于是特别制作了一些蓝精灵的连环画小故事,来测试蓝精灵是否会受欢迎。结果是肯定的,读者们非常喜欢蓝精灵!蓝精灵的受欢迎程度很快便超过了约翰和皮鲁伊。

11    20世纪60年代,蓝精灵在几乎所有出售法语连环画的地方都流行起来。接下来,制作一部蓝精灵电影就成了顺理成章的事。1976年,一部标准长度的蓝精灵电影面世。对于蓝精灵来说,下一步要做的就是采用多种语言来征服全世界了。

12    贝约想不到自己的蓝色小朋友会这么受欢迎。仅在美国市场上售出的蓝精灵小人偶、洋娃娃和唱片的数量就大得惊人。对于20世纪80年代生活在美国的人来说,要想不看、不听和不接触蓝精灵的故事,是绝对不可能的。他们无处不在,就连在游乐园里都可以看到工作人员扮成的蓝精灵!蓝精灵是20世纪80年代的偶像,但一切从1989年起便放缓了脚步。蓝精灵动画片放完了,对于蓝精灵的狂热便开始降温。

13    但是蓝精灵没有消失。没有什么能够阻止贝约的作品继续蓬勃发展——连他的过世也不例外。1992年12月24日,圣诞前夜,贝约因心脏病突发而辞世。此后,他的继承人们继续在欧洲及世界各地维护蓝精灵这一形象,对其进行宣传,发行纪念品和出版物。

Unit 02 : Animation > Unit Quiz

I   Directions: Choose the best answer to each blank.

  • 1. The results have been _______.

  • A. spectacular

  • B. spectacles

  • C. speculate

  • D.spectacularly
  •  2. MacArthur was ______ Commander for the allied powers in the Pacific.

  • A. Superb

  • B. Supreme

  • C. Super

  • D.Supper
  • 3. He is not humble and ________ lay his downfall.

  • A. there are

  • B. therein

  • C. there is

  • D. there was
  •  4.You ___________ as the most unfeeling person when hearing the news!

  • A. come about

  • B. come up

  • C. come over

  • D. come off
  •  5. I must ask you to ________ your remarks; they are giving offence to some of our visitors.

  • A. tone down

  • B. turn down

  • C. put down

  • D. slow down
  •  6. He said it is still not possible to predict the _______ outcome.

  • A. amateurish

  • B. stylized

  • C. ultimate

  • D. thematic
  • 7. The boy was so bright and _______.

  • A. amateurish

  • B. animated

  • C .animator

  • D. animation
  • 8. The fear ________ their thought.

  • A. persuades

  • B. permits

  • C. performs

  • D. permeates
  •  9. Recently, he played a role as a ______ in his new movie, which is opposite to his hero image.

  • A. villain

  • B. antagonist

  • C. master

  • D. Precursor
  • 10. A ________ display of fireworks lit up the sky.

  • A. introspective

  • B. subdued

  • C. stunning

  • D. supreme
  •  11. His suggestion ________ the activity be canceled was refused.

  • A. which

  • B. that

  • C. it

  • D./
  • 12. I have no idea _____ we shall go.

  • A. that

  • B. which

  • C. what

  • D. where
  • 13. We have the same goal— _____________.

  • A. complete the task

  • B. to complete the task

  • C. completing the task

  • D. completed the task
  • 14. Here are her favorite things, __________.

  • A. shopping and eating

  • B. to shop and to eat

  • C. shops and eats

  • D. shop and eat.
  •  15. He often asked me the question ________ the money is still there.

  • A. that

  • B. which

  • C. what

  • D. whether
  • 正确答案:1. A   2. B   3. B   4. D   5. A   6. C   7. B   8. D   9. A   10. C   11. B   12. D   13. B   14. A   15. D  
  • II   Directions: You are required to find the items equivalent to those given in Chinese in the table below.
  • (  ) 1.声优,动画角色的配音员
  • (  ) 2.三维动画
  • (  ) 3.平面动画
  • (  ) 4.网络动画
  • (  ) 5.日本动画片
  • (  ) 6.动画真人秀
  • (  ) 7.宣传影片
  • (  ) 8.原创动画录影带
  • (  ) 9.日本漫画
  • (  ) 10.机器猫
  • a.cosplay
  • b.manga
  • c.anime
  • d.character voice (CV)
  • e.P(promotion video)
  • f.plane animation
  • g.network animation
  • h.Original Video Animation (OVA)
  • i.Doraemon
  • j.three-dimensional animation
  • 正确答案:1. d   2. j   3. f   4. g   5. c   6. a   7. e   8. h   9. b   10. i  
  • III   Directions: Translate the following sentences into Chinese.
  • 1.Who was the man that dropped out of art school almost as soon as he entered, and whose teacher told him he had no future in cartooning? Who was the mastermind behind the blue empire that helped define a generation of kids in the 1980s?
  • 2.The Smurfs soon eclipsed Johan and Pirlouit in popularity.
  • 3.The sheer volume of Smurf figurines, dolls, and music sold in the American market was astounding.
  • 4.It is with great pleasure that I recommend to you Michael Stevenson, an outstanding graduate majoring in Business Administration.
  • 5.Bruce has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success.
  • 参考答案:1. 是谁踏进艺术学校的大门不久就辍学了?是谁的老师说他在动画界毫无前途可言?又是谁创建了蓝精灵王国,成为20世纪80年代的孩子们的童年记忆?
    2. 蓝精灵的受欢迎程度很快便超过了约翰和皮鲁伊。
    3. 仅在美国市场上售出的蓝精灵小人偶、洋娃娃和唱片的数量就大得惊人。
    4. 很高兴向您推荐迈克史蒂文森,一位商务管理专业的优秀毕业生。
    5. 布鲁斯一向有着很好的职业道德以及为成功付出一切的精神。

Text A / Comprehension

A. Decide whether the following statements are true or false.  If a statement is false, try to supply a true one.

1. Peyo dropped out of art school and his teacher told him he had no future in cartooning.

2.   Pierre Culliford ran silent movies for nearly ten years.

3. When Peyo was 17, he found a cartooning job for a newspaper.

4. After the war, the artists went to work for Dupuis except Peyo.

5. In 1958, Peyo introduced a new set of characters to the Johan et Pirlouit story “The Flute with Six Holes”.

6. The original French-language Smurfs comic series were very popular in 1960s.


1. T 

2. F The television show he inspired ran for nearly ten years.

3. F When Peyo was 17, he found a cartooning job at a small Belgian animation studio.

4 . T  

5. T 

6. T

B. Complete the statements that follow the questions.

1. What color are the Smurfs?

Smurfs are short,   creatures.

2. Where was Peyo born?

Peyo was born in 1928 in     as the son of an English father and a Belgian mother.

3. Why couldn’t Peyo get a job as a dental assistant?

Because he was       later than other candidates whom they accepted.

4. Where did Peyo begin his work and meet a few of his future colleagues?

Peyo began work at a      where he met a few of his future colleagues.

5. When was the Smurfs’ first appearance?

The Smurfs first appeared in the year of      in the comic Johan et Pirlouit.


1. blue and white

2. Brussels, Belgium

3. 15 minutes

4. small Belgian animation studio

5. 1958

Vocabulary Building / Exercises

A.Match the definitions in Column B with the words in Column A.

B. Fill in the blanks with the proper form of the given words.

1. Those students give mutual support and _________ (inspire) to each other.

2. The_________ (dental) told the boy not to eat too many sweets.

3. The_________ (continuation) noise in the classroom made him slap his notebook down on the desk.

4. The company is trying to  _________  (popularity) its main products.

5. His ________  (collectible) of paintings will go on the block tomorrow.

6. She is very happy to see that her method is _______ (work) in the classroom.

7. The minister is trying to improve his _______ (publication) image.

8. We are ________ (astounding) by his action.


1. inspiration           2. dentist              3. continual

4. popularize           5. collection           6. working

7. public              8. astounded

Grammar Tips

Complete each of the following sentences with an appositive.

1. John Smith,  (你的一个老朋友), has just called.

2. His bad habits,  (吸烟和喝酒), have done much harm to his health.

3. Let me introduce to you Mr. Collins,             (我们学校的副校长).

4. Suddenly came the news________________(他被诊断出携带艾滋病病毒).

5. (他们两人都)_________ in favor of the arrangement.

6. The number of students enrolled in this school is 800, ______________(差不多是去年的一半).

7. We expressed the hope (他再次来中国访问)____________.

8. All these years she had but one aim —______________(尽可能地帮助艾滋病患者).


1. an old friend of yours/one of your old friends

2. smoking and drinking

3. vice president of our university

4. that he was diagnosed with HIV

5. They both are

6. about half that of last year

7. that he would visit China again

8. to provide as much help to the AIDS patients as possible

Text B / Comprehension

A. Choose the best answer for each of the following statements or questions.

1. Kung Fu Panda 2 is a 2011 ________ American computer-animated action comedy film.

A. 2D

B. 3D

C. slow motion

D. crosscutting

2. The Dragon Warrior is assigned a task to ________.

A. find a special item in a tower

B. defeat the Furious Five and protect the Valley of Peace

C. be the supreme protector of the Valley of Peace

D. be trained by Master Shifu and save China

3. Who is the director of Kung Fu Panda 2?

A. Brad Bird.

B. Jack Black.

C. Gary Oldman.

D. Jennifer Yuh Nelson.

4. Which of the following is mentioned in the text?

A. Po breaks into Lord Shen’s cannon factory.

B. Po fights to save China and also discovers his hidden past.

C. Po wants nothing more than to learn martial arts as his heroes.

D. Po is praised by the Valley of Peace and earns the respect of the Furious Five.

5. In Kung Fu Panda 2, Lord Shen is a(n) ________.

A. evil peacock

B. harmless peacock

C. evil wolf

D. great wolf

6. Which of the following animation techniques is NOT used to tell the story of Kung Fu Panda 2?

A. Cell-animation.

B. Combination of 3D and 2D.

C. Paper doll puppets.

D. Computer animation.


1.B  2.C  3.D  4.B  5.A  6.B

B. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. If a statement is false, try to supply a true one.

1. Kung Fu Panda 2 is the sequel to Kung Fu Panda.

2. Black Bird has spoken passionately about animation as a genre.

3.In Kung Fu Panda 2, Jack Black is a giant panda who has recently found himself named as The Dragon Warrior.

4. Kung Fu Panda 2 was produced with DreamWorks’ 3D technology.

5. In the film, the Furious Five and Master Shifu are little more than ornaments to Po’s character arc.

6. Kung Fu Panda 2 has surpassed the best animation offered up in the last five years.


1. T

2. F Brad Bird is fond of pointing out that animation is not a genre.

3. F  In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po is a giant panda who has recently found himself named as The Dragon Warrior.

4. T

5. T

6. F  Kung Fu Panda 2 looks superb — easily equaling (if not coming close to surpassing) the best animation offered up in the last five years.

Comprehensive Exercises

A. Read the following passage and choose the best answer for each blank.

When she appeared on stage, singing a Japanese song, hundreds of (1)_____teenagers crowded  around shouting, “Curarpikt (酷拉皮卡)!It’s Curarpikt!” At the Beijing Comic and Animation Expo last week, that’s exactly who Shi Jia was. The Senior 1 girl was cosplaying (角色扮演) “Curarpikt”, a character from the popular Japanese comic book Hunter X Hunter (《猎人》) by Yoshihiro Togashi. “I (2) ______ Curarpikt because I like him,” said the pretty 15-year-old girl. “I’m (3)_______ by his sad story and I’m (4) _______ by his courage and (5) ________.” In the adventure comic story, Curarpikt, a handsome and kind-hearted boy, struggles to become a hunter so he can capture the men who killed his people. She has read all the comic books and is a big fan of the animated series of Hunter X Hunter. Then last year she saw a real “Curarpikt” in a cosplay show. “I had watched cosplay shows before but only for fun,” she explained. “It’s really exciting to see young people wearing the make-up and costumes of characters that you’ve read about and are familiar with. But that time I just fell in love with cosplaying, probably because I like Curarpikt so much. I thought I could play the character (6) ________ , so I decided to have a go.” She bought some cloth and asked a (7)________ to make a Curarpikt costume for her. She was (8)_________ to find out there was a cosplay show in Beijing in October. “It’s a great way to spend the national holiday. Posing on the stage for all the comic book fans, I knew I was doing something I had always wanted to do,” she said.

1.  A. excited          B. exciting      C. boring      D. Bored

2. A. copy            B. cosplay       C. make        D. enjoy

3.  A. movement      B. moves        C. moving      D. moved

4.  A. attracted        B. enjoyed       C. liked       D. attractive

5. A. beauty        B. personality       C. weapon     D. sword

6.  A. better        B. well            C. good        D. Best

7.  A. waiter        B. waitress        C. shopkeeper     D. tailor

8.  A. delighted     B. sad             C. exciting         D. Moved


1.A  2.B  3.D  4.A  5.B  6.A  7.D  8.A

B. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. 为了追求自己的理想,他在十七岁时退学了。(drop out)

2. 他自身的理解和创新催生出独特的设计风格。(give birth to)

3. 我们必须指出,动漫体现的是电影制作者的技巧。(point out)

4. 贝约追求的不仅是动画,而是经典。(seek)

5. 这部影片的动画效果令人满意。(come off)


1. In order to pursue his ideal, he dropped out of school when he was seventeen.

2. His understanding and innovation gave birth to his unique design style.

3. We must point out that animation is the embodiment of the filmmakers’ skills.

4. What Peyo seeks is not mere animation, but something classic.

5. The animation effects in this film came off satisfactorily.

C. Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.

The Belgium cartoonist Pierre Culliford, best known by his pen name, “Peyo,” first introduced the tiny blue figures in a comic strip in October 1958. He called them Schtroumpf and they became known worldwide as the Smurfs. Since their humble origins in the Belgian children’s comic-strip magazine Spirou, the Smurfs have sold 25 million cartoon albums worldwide in 25 languages. The cartoonist Peyo died in 1992 at age 66. Since then, his family and collaborators have continued his work “in the same spirit of humour and creativity,” IMPS said in a statement.


Practical Reading and Writing

A. Complete the answer (in no more than three words) to each of the following questions.

1. What is the relationship between Andrew Fuller and the author?

Andrew Fuller is the author’s ____________.

2. How long has Andrew Fuller been working with the author?

Andrew has been working with the author ___________.

3. What is Andrew being recommended for?

Andrew is being recommended as for an MBA program.

4. When did Andrew develop and successfully implement a plan to streamline the production department?

__________, he developed and successfully implemented the plan.

5. Does Andrew have a strong work ethic and work hard?

Yes, Andrew has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a____________.


1. direct assistant

2. for several years

3. a candidate

4. Last year

5. dedication to success

B. Write a letter of recommendation based on the following information. You should write at least 70 words. Follow the example you have read and pay close attention to the writing tips given above.


1. 李明的专业是商务管理。

2. 李明勤奋好学,还学习了计算机技术来加强自己的专业 能力。

3. 李明个性好,人际关系好,英语也不错。

Sample answer:

圆角矩形: Dear Sir or Madam,
It is with great pleasure that I recommend to you Li Ming, an outstanding graduate majoring in Business Administration.
I have been in charge of Mr. Li’s class since they were freshmen, so I know him well.
He is courteous, sincere and hardworking. Besides the major courses he took several courses in computer science, which strengthened his administrative abilities. And also his excellent communication ability and good command of English add a lot to his managerial skills.
I believe Mr. Li’s education and character well qualify him to serve as an administrator in your company. I recommend him without reservation and believe you will find him a helpful and responsible staff member.
                                                                      Sincerely yours,
                                                                              Wang Hua



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