大学英语三级(A级)-试卷 第546卷

大学英语三级(A级)-试卷 第546卷

大学英语三级( A 级) – 试卷 546

( 总分: 134.00 ,做题时间: 90 分钟 )

一、  Listening Comprehension( 总题数: 10 ,分数: 38.00)

1. Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)Directions :  This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 4 sections.



2. Section ADirections: This section is to test your ability to understand short dialogues . There are 5 recorded dialogues in it . After each dialogue . there is a rec orded question . Both the dialogues and questions will be spoken only once . When you hear a questi



(分数: 10.00 )

 A.He’ll have a conference next Friday.

 B.He has retu rned from a conference.

 C.He won’t be available until next Friday.  √

 D.He’s waiting for the man in his office.

解析:解析:题目询问的是我们可以获知关于经理的什么信息。男士说:“我想见你们经理。”女士回答:“对不起,他开会去了。下星期五才能回来。”由女士的回答,我们可以直接推断选项 C( 他下星期五才有空 ) 是正确答案。

 A.Husband and wife.

 B.Waitress and gue st.  √

 C.Boss and secretary.

 D.Doctor and patient.

解析:解析:题目问的是这两个说话人之间可能是什么关系。女士说:“先生,您好。现在可以点菜了吗 ? ”男士回答:“对不起,我还没有决定好,我还有一位朋友要来。”由此可知,这是服务员和客人之间的对话。所以选项 B( 服务员和客人 ) 是正确答案。

 A.Talk with John about his study.  √

 B.Take John to a doctor.

 C.Study math with John.

 D.Ask John to be their tutor.

解析:解析:问题询问的是,这两个人可能会做什么。男士说:“约翰数学不好。也许他需要一位家庭教师帮他通过这门课。”女士回答:“这样做也许是对的,但是我想我们首先应当跟他谈谈。”由女士的回答可知选项 A( 与约翰谈论他的学习情况 ) 是正确答案。

 A.The woman has just been to Chicago.

 B.The man knows little about Chicago.

 C.The woman likes Chicago ve ry much.

 D.The man doesn’t like the climate in Chicago.  √

解析:解析:题目问的是,从对话中我们可以得知什么。女士说:“我打算去芝加哥,那里怎样 ? ”男士回答:“除气候糟糕外。其他一切都还好。”从男士的回答可知,选项 D( 他不喜欢芝加哥的气候 ) 是最佳答案。

 A.Stay at the present job.

 B.Take another interview.

 C.Work with her father.  √

  D.Start her own company.

解析:解析:题目问的是,如果该女士面试失败,她会做什么。由女士的回答“如果我面试不过,我会去农场给我爸打工,而不去那家公司上班。”可知正确答案为 C 项 ( 和她父亲一起工作 ) 。

3. Section BDirections: This section is to test your ability to understand short conversations . There are 2 recorded conversations in it . After each  conversation , there are some recorded questions . Both the conversations and questions will be spoken two times . W



(分数: 4.00 )

 A.To the hospital.

 B.To the beach.

 C .To his university.

 D.To his hometown.  √

解析:解析:问题询问杰克上周末去的地方。女士问男士周末过得怎样,男士说他回了一趟老家 (I went back to my hometown) 。所以选 D 项。

 A.She visited her middle school.

 B.She was busy working.

 C.She was ill and had to stay at home.  √

 D.She was back to her hometown.

解析 :解析:问题询问玛丽如何度周末。根据女士说的 I got a bad cold . I could do nothing but lie in bed 可知玛丽生病躺在床上,周末过得很不好,所以选 C 项 ( 她生病了,只能待在家里 ) 。

(分数: 6.00 )

 A.Tokyo.  √

 B.New York.


 D.Hong Kong.

解析:解析:题目询问男士在哪里转机。对话中女士问:“您介意转机吗 ? ”注意接下来男士的回答:“不介意。我应该先到哪儿 ? 香港还是东京 ? ”和售票员的话:“东京。您在那儿只需要 等几个小时。”根据这一组对话,可以判断出转机的地点应该是在 Tokyo 。所以 A 选项正确。

 A.He’ll pay by credit card.

 B.It’ll be collected by himself.

 C.He’ll pay by check.

 D.It’ll be delivered to him.  √

解析:解析:本题属推理判断题。对话中女士问到“您希望我们送票上门吗 ? ”从男士的答语“ Yes , please .”中可以判断出 D 项答案是正确的。


 B.10%.  √



解析:解析:本题属数字分辨题。根据对话中“有 10 %的折扣”可知选项 B 是正确答案。

4. Section CDirections: In this section you will hear a recorded short passage . The passage is printed in the test paper , but with some words or phrases missing . The passage will be read two times .

____________ ______________________________________________________________________________


Tom Smith was a writer. He wrote stories for magazines. One evening he could not find an end for a story. He sat with his typewriter in front of him, but he had 1So he decid ed to go to the 2 When he came back, he found that he had had a visitor. Someone had 3his flat. The man had had a drink, smoked several of Tom’s cigarettes — and had read his story. The visitor left Tom a note: “I have read your story and I don’t think much  of it. Please read my suggestions and then you can finish it. By the way, I am a 4 I am not going to steal anything tonight. But if you become a 5writer, I will return.”

Tom Smith was a writer. He wrote stories for magazines. One evening he could not find  an end for a story. He sat with his typewriter in front of him, but he had 6So he decided to go to the 7 When he came back, he found that he had had a visitor. Someone had 8his flat. The man had had a drink, smoked several of Tom’s cigarettes — and had read  his story. The visitor left Tom a note: “I have read your story and I don’t think much of it. Please read my suggestions and then you can finish it. By the way, I am a 9 I am not going to steal anything tonight. But if you become a 10writer, I will return. “
(分数: 10.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: no ideas )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: cinema )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: broken into )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: thief )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: successful )

解析:解析:空格前为不定冠词 a ,后面为名词 writer ,推断这里应填入形容词或名词,对 writer 起修饰限定的作用。结合录音,应填入 successful “成功的”,注意其中 c 和 s 都要双写。

6. Section DDirections: This section is to test your ability to comprehend short passages . You will hear a recorded passage . After that you will hear five questions . Both the passage and the questions will be  read two times . When you hear a question , you should



At what time of day did the fire start? In the early 1.

At what time of day did the fire start? In the early  2. (分数: 8.00 )

(1).Which floor of the building did the fire destroy? The 1 of the building. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: third floor )

解析:解析:题目询问哪一层楼被大火烧毁。新闻说 It destroyed the third floor of the building( 大火烧毁了第三层楼 ) ,可以得出答案为 third floor 。

(2).Who liv ed in the building at the time of the fire? Only a few 1. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: elderly people )

解析:解析:题目询问火灾发生时有什么人住在楼里。由 There were only a few elderly people living in the building at that time( 火灾那会只有少数老人住在楼里 ) 可以得出答案为 elderly people 。

(3).When was the Geller House built? In the year of 1. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: 1718 )

解析:解析:题目询问的是盖勒住宅建造的具体时间。由新闻中的 The Geller House was built in 1718 可以得出答案是 1718 ,特别要注意 18 的读音,切勿写成 80 。

(4).What was the probable cause of the fire? Most likely  a burning 1. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: cigarette )

解析:解析:题目询问的是火灾可能的起因。新闻最后提到,消防队长回答说很有可能是由未熄灭的烟头造成的 (a burning cigarette caused it) ,可以得知答案是 cigarette 。特别注意 cigarette 的拼写,有两个 t 。

二、  Structure( 总题数: 18 ,分数: 30.00)

7. Part II Structure (10 minutes)Direc tions: This part is to test your ability to use words and phrases correctly to construct meaningful and grammatically correct sentences . It consists of 2 sections .


解析 :

8. Section ADirections: There are 10 incomplete statements here . You are required to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A) , B) , C) and D) .

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________


9.The car______ by the side of the road and the driver tried to repair it.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.breaks down

 B.was breading down

 C.has broken down

 D.broke down  √

解析:解析:本题考查的是谓语动词时态前后一致的用法。本句是由 and 连结的并列句,后面分句的动词 tried 为一般过去时,谓语动词时态前后一致原则提示考 生前面分句的动词时态也应为一般过去时,故选项 D 为正确答案。 A 项是动词的一般现在时, B 项是动词的过去进行时, C 项是动词的现在完成时。这三项与后面分句的 tried 均没有保持时态一致。故可排除。

10.When he went out, he would wear sunglasses ______ nobody would recognize him.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.so that  √

 B.now that

 C.as though

 D.in case

解析:解析:本题考查的是连词 so that 的用法。 A 项中的 so that 可引导目的状语从句,意为“为了”。本题中的主句为 he would wear sunglasses ,后面分句 nobody would recognize him 应该是目的状语,故 A 是正确答案。 B 项 now that 意为“既然”, C 项 as though 意为“好像”,代入句子后均不符合文中表达的逻辑关系。 D 项 in case 意为“以防”,但因从句主语为 nobody ,如果选 D ,整句意思变成“以前他出门总要戴上太阳镜以防没人认出他”,逻辑关系不成立,如从句主语改为 somebody ,则 D 项为正 确答案。

11.She got to know the young man very well______she had worked for so long.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.to whom

 B.in whom


 D.with whom  √

解析:解析:本题考查的是 whom 引导的定语从句。从句的谓语动词 work 为不及物动词,后面不能直接跟先行词 the young man ,所以作为引导词的 whom 前需要一个介词, whom 既担任定语从句引导词,又担任句中的介词宾语。介词的选择是由从句的谓语动词 work 决定的。动词 work 与介词 with 搭配意为“与……一起工作”,故选项 D 为正确答案。 work 不能与介词 to 和 in 搭配构成实际意义,所以可排除选项 A 和选项 B 。句中 work 为不及物动词用法,不可直接带宾语,故排除 C 项。

12.______he was seriously ill, I wouldn’t have told him the truth.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.If I knew

 B.If I know

 C.Had  I known  √

 D.Did I know

解析:解析:本题考查的是虚拟条件句,主句用 wouldn’t have told 表示对过去所做事情的后悔之意,用的是与过去事实相反的虚拟语气,故从句动词用过去完成时 had known 。因 if 引导的是条件从句,正式文体可省略 if ,主谓语部分倒装。所以 C 项为正确答案。 A 项、 B 项和 D 项的时态均不能与后面主句的时态搭配,应排除。

13.Some people think______ about their rights than they do about their  responsibilities.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.so much

 B.too much

 C.much more  √

 D.much too

解析:解析:本题考查的是“比较级 +than ...”结构。句中出现了连词 than ,可确定主句必须有形容词或副词的比较级与之对应,而只有 C 项中有 more 出现,故为正确答案。

14.______traveling expenses rising a lot, Mrs. White had to change all her plans for the tou r.
(分数: 2.00 )


 B.As for


 D.With  √

解析:解析:本题考查的是独立结构,分词的独立结构由逻辑主语 ( 名词、代词 )+ 分词/介词短语构成,可以表示时间、原因、条件、方式或伴随状态。独立结构中的逻辑主语前有时可以加 with 或 without ,作伴随状语或定语,译作“随着”。故选项 D 为正确答案。 A 项 since 作介词意为“自从……”;用作“因为”,则是连词,后面接从句。此处不是从句。 B 项 as for 为介词短语,意为“至于”。 C 项 by 为介词,意为“通过……手段/方式 ”。

15.With the introduction of the computer, libraries today are quite different from ______ they were in the past
(分数: 2.00 )


 B.what  √



解析:解析:本题考查的是宾语从句。只有 B 项 what 既引导宾语从句,又作从句的表语,故选项 B 为正确答案。 A 项 that 虽可引导宾语从句,但它只起引导作用,不在从句中充当什么成分。 C 项 which 不 能独立引导宾语从句.必须和后面的名词一起引导。 D 项 those 可用来指代上文出现的同类名词,但题中代词 they 代指前文提到过的 libraries ,所以可排除 those 。若用 those ,则此句应改为… from those in the past 。

16.The City of London, ______ repeatedly in 1940 and 1941, lost many of its famous churches.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.bombed  √

 B.to bomb


 D.having bombed

解析:解析:本题考查过去分词的用法。过去分词通常带有被动意义和完成意义,在名词词组中作前置定语或后置定语。句中 the city of London 和 bomb 是逻辑上的被动关系 ( 伦敦被炸 ) ,必须用 bomb 的过去分词,所以 A 项 bombed 为正确答案。本题四个选项中,只有 A 项 bombed 是过去分词,表示被动和完成,符合题意。 B 项 to bomb 是不定式,表示主动、目的或将来动作。 C 项 bombing 是现在分词,表示该动作由逻辑主语发出,且正在发生。 D 项 having  bombed 是现在分词的完成式,表示该动作已由其逻辑主语完成。

17.I felt so embarrassed that I couldn’t do anything but ______ there when I first met my present boss.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.to sit



 D.sit  √

解析:解析:本题考查“ can’t / couldn’t do anything but+ 动词原形”结构,该结构意为“除了……之外什么也没有做”。根据 这一结构不难判断选项 D 为正确答案。 A 项、 B 项和 C 项均不能与本句型搭配使用,应排除。

18.We were all excited at the news ______ our annual sales had more than doubled.
(分数: 2.00 )


 B.that  √



解析:解析:本题考查的是同位语从句。本题中的从句意义完整,不缺任何语法成分,且描绘的是 news 的具体内容.可确定为同位语从句, B 项为正确答案。 A 项 which 引导定语从句,且在定语 从句中作一定成分。 C 项 it 不能用作连词。 D 项 what 虽然可以引导同位语从句,但是是作一定成分的,所以不合适。

19. Section BDirections: There are also 5 incomplete statements here . You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in the brackets .

_______________________________________________ ___________________________________________


20.Could you go to bed (early) 1than you usually do?
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: earlier )

解析:解析:本题考查的是形容词和副词的比较级。 than 是比较级的标志。而且在此题中 early 修饰动词,作副词用。将其变为比较级的形式即可。

21.Thanksgiving is a (tradition ) 1festival in the US and Canada.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: traditional )

解析:解析:本题考查的是形容词的用法。形容词通常用于名词之前作定语,起修饰作用。 festival 是一个名词。很显然前面需要填上 tradition 的形容词形式来修饰。

22.It is known to everyone that no smoking (permit) 1in the library.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空 项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: is permitted )

解析:解析:本题考查的是被动语态。被动语态的基本结构是“ be+ 过去分词”。又根据主谓一致原则。当动名词短语作主语时,谓语动词应用单数形式,所以用 is 而非 are ;由 it is known that ...判断出应用一般现在时。因此正确答案应是 is permitted 。

23.(frighten) 1by the explosion, we all rushed out of the hall.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: frightened )

解析:解析:本题考查的是非谓语动词作状语。由 by the explosion 可知, frighten 与句子的主语 we 是被动的关系,所以此处应填入 frighten 的过去分词形式表示被动,答案为 frightened 。

24.I got to the station, only (find) 1that the train was pulling out.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________   (正确答案:正确答案: to find )

解析:解析:不定式前加 only 表示令人失望的结果。可译为“不料竟会……,没想到会…… ” 。又如: He hurried to the house only to find that it was empty . ( 他急忙赶到那座房子,却发现是空的。 )

三、  Reading Comprehension( 总题数: 11 ,分数: 50.00)

25. Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes)Directions: This part is  to test your reading ability. There are 5 tasks for you to fulfill. You should read the reading materials carefully and do the tasks as you are instructed.



26. Ta sk 1Directions: After reading the following passage, you will find 5 questions or unfinished statements, numbered 36 through 40. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, and D. You should make the correct choice .

_________________ _________________________________________________________________________


There are some problem areas for international students and immigrants studying in the United States. Making friends is a challenge (this is also true for some American students) . Many colleges and universities offer a variety of student clubs and organizations where both foreign-born and native American students have a greater chance of meeting people with shared interests. Information about these out-of-class activities is often  posted in the student center and listed in the student newspaper. Sometimes foreign students and immigrant students find Americans to be “cliquish ( 有派性的 )”. (Americans find some non-U.S.-born students to be cliquish as well.) If people feel separated from  the social aspects of American college life, they should actively seek people with shared interests. It’s unlikely that students will make friends just by passing people on the campus. Foreign or immigrant students may feel confused during the first few we eks at a new school because they do not understand the system and are not willing to ask questions. Many students do not take advantage of the numerous services offered on campus that assist students in developing new skills and social groups. Some college s offer students tutorial ( 辅导的 ) support in such subjects as writing, language study, computer skills, and other basic subjects. Students who appear to be most successful in “learning the ropes” are those who can solve problems by taking the initiative to a sk questions, locate resources, and experience new social situations. (分数: 10.00 )

(1).In the United States, students can find friends with the same interests by______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.making friends on the campus

 B.reading the student newspaper

 C.visiting the  student center

 D.joining the student clubs  √

解析:解析:题目中的 find friends 和 the same interests 分别对应第一段第三句的 meeting people 和 shared interests ,可知学生可以通过学生俱乐部和各种组织 (student clubs and organizations) 交到兴趣相同的朋友。因此 D 项为正确答案。

(2).The sentence “people feel separated from the socia l aspects of American college life” (Lines 7-8, Para. 1) means they have difficulty in______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.joining social activities within the campus  √

 B.being easily accepted by the university

 C.finding people with various interests

 D.getting a job in  American society

解析:解析:根据题目要求定位到第一段倒数第二句。 feel separated from 的意思是“感到与……隔离”,这句话的意思是“有人觉得与美国大学生活的社交层面脱节”。因此可以推断出,他们不能积极参加学校里的社交活动,故 A 项正确。

(3).When they first come to college, some foreign students may feel confused because______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.they are denied an y help from people around

 B.they are provided with few services

 C.they are faced with an unfamiliar educational system  √

 D.they are unwilling to adapt themselves to the new environment

解析:解析:根据题目中的 may feel confused 定位到第二段第一句。该句清楚地解释了困惑的原因:不理解教育系统 (do not understand the system) 又不愿意向别人询问。 C 项的表述正确。

(4).The phrase “learning the ropes” (Line 6, Para. 2) is closest in meaning to______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.finding the way to develop new skills

 B.having the skills to make conversations

 C.learning how to answer qu estions

 D.knowing how to handle problems  √

解析:解析:根据题目要求定位到第二段最后一句。该句的主干为 Students … are those …,句子中 who appear to be … in “ learning the ropes ”和 who can solve problems …都是作定语从句,分别修饰 Students 和 those ,指的都是同一类人。可以判断 learning the ropes 的意思与 solve problems( 处理问题 ) 相近, D 项的 handle 对应 s olve 。为正确答案。

(5).From the passage we may conclude that foreign students ______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.may face some problems in adjusting to college life  √

 B.are unlikely to be successful in American college life

 C.are not good at developing friendship and social g roups

 D.can hardly learn well when they enter an American college

解析:解析:通过对整篇文章的理解,可以大致理出一个写作思路:第一段作者描述了在美国的外国学生会面对的问题,然后介绍了如何获得信息来解决问题,也就是解决的问题的客观方面。在第二段中作者介绍了外国学生在美国学习遇到困难的主观因素及解决方案。由此可以推断出 A 项的表述为正确选项。

27. Task 2Directions : This task is the same as Task 1 . The 5 questions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 through 45 .



First aid ( 急救 ) is the care given to the injured or sick as soon as possible after an acciden t or illness. It is this immediate care and attention before the arrival of the ambulance ( 急救车 ) that sometimes means the difference between life and death, or a full or partial recovery.First aid has limitations, as not everybody is a doctor or expert, but  it is a key element of the total medical system. The principle to be adopted in first aid is immediate action. Bystanders ( 旁观者 ) or relatives not knowing what to do, or being too fearful to try, have unwisely contributed to unnecessary deaths and worse inj uries. It is important that any action taken by the first aid provider is started as quickly as possible. Quick action is necessary to save life and parts of the body. One who is not breathing effectively, or is bleeding ( 流血 ) heavily, requires immediate he lp. If quick effective first aid is provided, then they have a much better chance of a good recovery. But it should be remembered that any action taken is to be most careful, and fright ( 恐慌 ) by the first aid provider and by-standers will not be good to the  whole thing. Try to remain calm and think your actions through. A calm and controlled first aider will give everyone confidence that the event is being handled efficiently and effectively. (分数: 10.00 )

(1).The writer seems to suggest that if you don’t know m uch about first aid, you should ______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.call for help from professionals

 B.still try to help  √

 C.stand by and not try to help

 D.learn it from a doctor

解析:解析:根据题目中的 don ’ t know much about 查找到第三段。该段第一句表明了急救的原则是 immediate action( 立即行动 ) 。第二句进而说明,曾经有旁观 者或病人亲属因为不知道怎么做或者由于太恐惧而不敢动手一试,从而愚蠢地导致不必要的死亡或者使病人的伤势更加恶化。因此推断,作者的观点应该是即使你不知道该如何去做,也要尽量试试,故选 B 项。

(2).According to the passage, some injured or sick people died as a result of______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.other people’s hesitation to offer first aid  √

 B.unprofessional f irst aid

 C.unnecessary first aid

 D.unwise suggestions by by-standers

解析:解析:题目中 died 一词可引导我们在第三段第二句中寻找答案。依据上题的分析可知,如果旁观者或病人家属不立即采取行动则会造成不必要的伤亡,因此可以推断出一些伤病员死亡的原因是由于其他人不敢实施急救,即 A 项为正确答案。

(3).Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? (分数: 2.00 )

  A.One should not apply first aid to the injured without knowing the cause of the accident.

 B.It is easy to carry out first aid if one has the necessary facilities.

 C.First aid is an important part of the whole treatment.  √

 D.First aid may not be effecti ve before a doctor or expert comes.

解析:解析:根据第二段可知,急救虽然有局限性,但仍是整个治疗体系的关键因素 (a key element) 。而且第一、   三、四段都一再强调急救的重要性:它决定着病人的生死或痊愈情况。所以可以确定 C 项为正确答案。

(4).The most important thing in providing first aid is to ______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.call for an ambulance

 B.prevent blee ding

 C.know what to do

 D.act quickly  √

解析:解析:根据题目中的 important 和 providing first aid 定位到第四段第一句。该句表明,急救者采取措施时最重要的是尽可能快地 (as quickly as possible) 开始行动。而且第三段的第一句也告诉我们“立即行动”是急救的原则。前后对照就可确定 D 项为正确答案。

(5).While offering first aid, helper should______. (分数: 2.00 )

  A.be self-controlled  √

 B.have others to assist him

 C.have confidence in the sick person

 D.get rid of the by-standers

解析:解析:从中最后一段可知急救者应该保持冷静 (remain calm) ,全面考虑自己的行为 (think your actions through) 。最后一句则提到冷静和克制的急救者可以给人以信心。所以在急救过程中急救者应该有自我控制力,即 A 项。

28. Task 3Dir ections : The following is a passage . After reading it , you are required to complete the blanks below it(No . 46 through No . 50) . You should write your answers briefly in no more than three words .

___________________________________________________________________ _______________________


Before making a speech, we often need to make brief speaking notes. You can put them on cards no smaller than 150x100mm. Write in large and bold letters that you can see at a glance, using a series of brief headings to develop t he information in sufficient detail The amount of information you include in your notes will depend on the complexity ( 复杂性 ) of the subject, your familiarity with it, and your previous speaking experience. Here are some steps for you to follow when preparin g brief speaking notes. First, you should write a summary, or an outline, of the project to be reported and the results achieved. Then an introduction follows. This includes background information and purpose of the project. Next comes discussion. In this  part, what has been done, how it has been done and the results achieved should be dealt with. At the fourth step, you have two choices: one is the conclusion if the project is completed. The other is the future plan if the project is still in progress. At  last, a summary should be prepared. In this part, you should give a brief summing-up, plus a question-and-answer period. Speaking Notes PreparationWords to be written: in 1lettersMeans of developing information: using a number of 2Steps of making speaking  notes:1) work out an outline2) write 33) deal with the subject4) draw 4at the end of the project, or make a 5if the project is not finished5) give a summary
(分数: 10.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: large and bold )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: brief headin gs )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: an introduction )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: a conclusion )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: (future) plan )


30. Task 4Directions : The following is a passage . After reading it,you are required to find the  items equivalent to those given in Chinese in the table below . Then you should put the corresponding letters in the brackets , numbered 51 through 55 .



A — air traffic  control system J — safety precaution measureB — armed police K — safety control deviceC — crime prevention L — security command centerD — entry requirement M — security serviceE — international criminal police organization N — security control centerF — level of security O — s ecurity personnelG — picket line P — valid documentsH — police station Q — security monitoring and controlI — patrolling vehicleExamples : (M) 保安服务  (G) 警戒线(分数: 10.00 )

(1).( ) 空中交通管制系统  ( ) 安全预防措施(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: A , J )

解析:解析: A 一空中交通管制系统  F —安全保障级别  J 一安 全预防措施  N 一安保控制中心  B 一武装警察  G 一警戒线  K 一安全控制设备  O 一安保人员  C 一犯罪预防  H 一警察局  L —安保指挥中心  P —有效证件  D 一入境要求  I 一巡逻车  M 一保安服务  Q 一安全监控  E 一国际刑警组织

(2).( ) 巡逻车  ( ) 武装警察(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: I , B )


(3).( ) 国际刑警组织  ( ) 有效证件(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: E , P )


(4).( ) 入境要求  ( ) 安保人员(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: D , O )


(5).( ) 安全保障级别  ( ) 安全监控(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: F , Q )


31. Task 5Directions : The following is a passage . After reading it , you should give brief answers to the 5 quest ions(No . 56 through No . 60)that follow . The answers(in no more than 3 words)should be written after the corresponding numbers .



Sunburst Hotel Location: On Waikiki B each facing the ocean on one of the main beaches on the island of Oahu. Accommodation: A large complex including 32 houses, two 12-storey towers with 245 rooms and a 16-storey tower with 300 rooms. Room choices include one or two king or queen size beds or  2 double beds. Each room has a shower, hair-dryer, coffee maker, mini-fridge, in-room safe, phone, TV with pay movies and radio. Facilities: Two restaurants, three bars and four lounges ( 休息厅 ) provide excellent food, relaxation and entertainment 24 hours a  day. There are also a tour desk, gift shops, laundry facilities and pay parking. Our room service is prompt and reasonable. Amusement: Two large swimming pools and a very large fitness ( 健身 ) centre with three full-time staff. Special features: Children und er 16 stay free when sharing with an adult (one adult per child). More than one child per adult is half price. Coupon ( 优惠卷 ): All guests receive a coupon book upon check-in. It offers discounts on dining, shopping, entertainment and other activities. (分数: 10. 00 )

(1).Where is the hotel located on the island of Oahu? On 1. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: Waikiki Beach )


(2).How many rooms are there altogether in the tower buildings? There are altogether 1 rooms. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: 545 )


(3).How is the room service in the hotel? 1. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: Prompt and reasonable )


(4).How much will you pay for your second child if you take two children along? 1. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答 案:正确答案: Half price )


(5).What’s the use of the coupon book? With the coupon book, guests can get 1 on dining, shopping, etc. in the hotel. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: discounts )


四、  Translation-English into Chinese( 总题数: 6 ,分数: 12.00)

32. P art IV Translation-English into Chinese (25 minutes)Directions: This part numbered 61 through 65 is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese . After each sentence of numbers 61 to 64 , you will read three choices of suggested translation . Y (分数: 2.0 0 )



33.You can buy a three-year-old car for only 60 % of the price for a new vehicle and still have several years of trouble-free driving .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 你可以买一辆已使用 3 年的 二手车,价格只是新车的 60 %,但你仍然可以开几年而不出故障。   √

 B. 你可以买一辆使用了 3 年的旧车,只需付新车价格的 60 %,不过,几年之后会有不少麻烦。

 C. 你可以买一辆旧车使用 3 年,然后再加 60 %换辆新车,就可以无忧无虑地开上好多年。

解析:解析:①翻译的关键是句中的三个短语: three — year-old car , 60 %  of the price for a new vehicle 和 trouble-free driving 。尤其是要正确理解这三个短语的修饰语,第一个中用了年龄的习惯表达法,在此表示汽车 已经被使用 3 年,属于旧车;第二个中的所有格结构表明旧车的价格是新车的 60 %;第三个中对合成词 trouble-free 的理解非常关键, -free 通常表示“免于……,不受……”,因为此处讨论的话题是车,所以翻译为“不出故障”比较合适。 A 项中这三个短语翻译都正确,应该为最佳答案,可得 2 分。② B 项中后半句翻译错误,把 several years of trouble-free driving 错译为“几年之后会有不少麻烦”,只能得 1 分。③而 C 项三个短语翻译都有错误,把最后一个短语翻译为“无忧无虑”在此不合适,因为此处的 trouble 是针对车而言,而不是针对人的,故不能得分。

34.Should a party request cancellation of the contract without a valid reason , it shall pay for all the economic losses that the other party may suffer .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 如果一方无正当理由而提出取消合同,必须赔偿另一方因此而遭受的所有经济损失。   √

 B. 如果一方毫无理由地终止与另一方的联系, 将会使对方遭受重大经济损失。

 C. 如果一方与另一方终止合同而提不出合理的原因,必须赔偿对方提出的一切经济损失。

解析:解析:①这是一个合同中常见的句型。合同语言严谨明确,翻译必须准确到位。 cancellation of the contract 是指“合同的取消”; valid 意为“正当的,有根据的”,在此表示一方只有提出合理的原因才可以取消合同而且不必赔偿对方损失,如果翻译为“毫无理由”则意味着只要提出原因就可以终止合同,意思与前者大相径庭; pay for all the economic losses t hat the other party may suffer ,表示一方的赔偿仅限于另一方由此而遭受的所有损失,而不是另一方提出的一切损失。比较起来, A 项应为最佳答案,可得 2 分。② C 项对 that 从句翻译错误,只能得 1 分。③ B 项中以上提到的三个部分都翻译错误,故不能得分。

35.When it comes to successful overseas investments that can yield high profits , the key is which country you should put y our capital in .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 当产生高效益的海外投资机会到来时,成功的关键是你要把资金投入某个国家。

 B. 如果海外投资成功了就会带来高利润,最关键的问题是哪个国家能给你投资。

 C. 就海外投资能否成功地获取高额利润而言,关键在于应该把资金投到哪个国家。   √

解析:解析:①首先要分析清楚整个句子的结构,三个选项中只有 C 项准确地翻译出了 when it comes to 的含义,为最佳答案,可得 2 分。② A 项不如 C 项贴切,把 when it comes to 错误直译为“当……到来时” ,且没有把表语从句的连接代词 which 翻译出来,只能得 1 分。③ B 项不仅没有把 when it comes to 翻译出来,还颠倒了表语从句的意思,故不能得分。

36.These experts will give a series of special lectures on the up-to-date Internet techniques and services which are available to Chinese users .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 这些专家专门给中国用户提供一系列最新的互 联网技术和服务。

 B. 这些专家将做系列报告,介绍中国用户通用的互联网技术和服务。

 C. 这些专家将做一系列专题报告,介绍有关中国用户可利用的最新互联网技术与服务。   √

解析:解析:①翻译本句需要弄清楚关键的几个部分:首先, special( 特别的,专门的 ) 修饰的是 lectures 而不是动词 give ,应翻译为“专题报告”而不是“专门给……”;其次,介词“ on( 涉及,关于 ) ”用在此处表示讲座的内容是关于互联网技术和服务; available 表示“可利用的”,所以定语从句的意思是指这些技术和服务是中国用户可以利用的 。 C 项各个部分都翻译正确,可得 2 分。② B 项漏译了 special , on 和 up-to-date ,并且 which 定语从句翻译不够准确,只能得 1 分。③ A 项完全混淆了原文的意思,故不能得分。

37.The Caravan Inn is located on the way to Sunlight Hill and only ten blocks ( 街区 ) south of the shopping center on Grand Avenue. Its modern rooms and plenty of addit ional facilities guarantee family satisfaction. A heated water pool and hot bath are open year round and provide fun for everyone after a day of mountain climbing. A big breakfast is served daily in the Caravan Inn, but suites ( 套房 ) with kitchens are also a vailable for families who would rather prepare their own meals.
(分数: 2.00 )

正确答案: ( 正确答案:凯乐温旅店位于通往日照山的路上,从格兰德大道上的购物中心往南走 10 个街区就到了。现代化的客房和齐全的设施让人感到像在家里一样。旅店常年设有热水澡堂,可以泡热水澡 ;爬完一天山后,每个人都可以从中得到享受。凯乐温旅店每天提供丰盛的早餐;而且套房有厨房可供使用,一家人如果想自己动手做饭也完全可以。 )

解析:解析:①第 1 句是简单句,句末的地点状语 on Grand Avenue 修饰前面的名词 the shopping center ,译为“格兰德大道上的购物中心”,后半句 and 后面的内容也是描述酒店的位置的。译为“从……往南走 10 个街区”。②第 2 句也是简单句, and 连接两个并列主语 Its modern rooms 和 plenty of additional facilities 。 其中 room 本义为“房间”,因本文是酒店用语,可意译为“客房”; plenty of additional facilities 直译为“大量额外的设施”,可意译为“齐全的设施”。③第 3 句为并列句,里面有两个 and ,第一个 and 连接前半句的两个并列主语的,第二个 and 则连接前后两个句子。后半句主干为 provide fun ,承前省略了主语,后半句直译为“经过一天的爬山后,可以为每个人提供享受”,按照汉语的表达习惯,可以把 everyone 作为主语,意译为“爬完一天山后,每个人都可以从中得到享受。”④第 4 句比较长,为 复合句,逗号前面为被动句,翻译时按照汉语习惯要变为主动句,译为“凯乐温旅店每天提供丰盛的早餐”; available 意为“可用的”,后半句中由 who 引导的定语从句可单独译为一个句子,翻译为“一家人如果想自己动手做饭也完全可以。”

五、  Writing( 总题数: 2 ,分数: 4.00)

38. Part V Writing (25 minutes)Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing . (分数: 2.00 )

______ ____________________________________________________________________________________


39. 说明:假设你是王林,现写信给 Andy ,介绍一位来自哈佛大学的访问学者 John 。内容: 1 .他将会在今后的十个月里成为我们亚太经济项目组的一名成员; 2 .他是一位热心、上进的学者,做过有关美国和亚洲经济方面的各种研究; 3 .相信他的参与会对我们近期的项目有很大帮助; 4 . John 会在下周四到达这里,然后马上去拜访你; 5 .可以给他介绍项目 的整个发展情况,然后再细谈下合作方面的事情。 Words for reference :哈佛大学 Harvard University 亚太经济项目 Program of Asia Pacific Economy
(分数: 2.00 )

正确答案: ( 正确答案: Dear Andy, Please allow me to take this op portunity to introduce a visiting scholar, John, from Harvard University. He will be a member of our Program of Asia Pacific Economy for ten months. John is an enthusiastic and enterprising scholar. He has done various researches on American and Asian econ omies. I am sure that his participation will do a lot of help to our recent research. John will be arriving here on next Thursday and he will soon go to visit you after arrival. You can introduce the overall development of our program to him, and then expl ore the details of cooperation. Sincerely yours, Wang Lin)





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