大学英语 新标准高职实用综合教程(第2版)第二册 Unit 08

大学英语 新标准高职实用综合教程(第2版)第二册 Unit 08

Text A

  • Job Hunting in the City
1     Many people come to big cities without any specific purpose. A city attracts them just because of its size. People often think that they will find work and excitement there. Some of them have dreams of success in the arts or in the theater, but others just want to be in a place where there is always a lot of activity. Many of them end up working as taxi drivers or delivering milk. Some end up without any job at all.
2     Lenny Legg has been in Los Angeles for three years. He is only nineteen years old now. He was brought up in a small town in Nebraska. He dropped out of high school when he was fifteen. The next year he got on a bus to Los Angeles. Born in a poor family, he had only fifty dollars in his pocket when he arrived in the city.
3      Lenny had good luck in the beginning, despite the lack of friends or relatives. After a few weeks he got a job at a gas filling station. He liked the work although the pay was not very high. He kept the job for nearly two years. Then his boss sold the station, and Lenny was dismissed. He was lucky then, though. Because he had been fired, he was able to get unemployment pay. Generally, people who quit their jobs can’t collect unemployment benefits.
4     Soon, the unemployment pay ran out. Lenny had to find another job. He slept late every morning. Then he stopped at the employment office to see whether there was a job available for him. The rest of the day, he hung around the Theater District.
5      Lenny shared a room on the edge of the entertainment district with another boy from Nebraska. They both made friends easily, but they lost them quickly, too. They lived by borrowing money from each other — they always knew who was working and who wasn’t — or by drawing unemployment pay. Lenny sometimes thought about going back home, but he stayed on in Los Angeles anyway.
6     Sometimes, Lenny called back home. His parents were always worried about him and wanted him to return home. However, he himself never lost hope. He often told himself that his luck would change tomorrow or the day after. After all, the economy of the country was now starting to turn for the better.
7     Luckily, it didn’t take him long to find a new job. After he completed a three-month-long course in auto repair, he was employed and he is now working as a mechanic in a garage. It is a job that brings him not just a good salary but also a lot of spiritual satisfaction.
  • 城市谋生
  • 1    很多人漫无目的地来到了大城市。大城市地方大是吸引他们的唯一原因。人们总是认为可以在那里找到工作,生活会很精彩。有些人是来大城市追逐他们的艺术梦想,而有些人则仅仅因为希望在一个活动丰富的环境中生活而来到大城市。然而,他们中很多人最终也只是成了出租车司机或是送奶工。而有些人则根本没有找到工作。
  • 2    莱尼•雷格在洛杉矶已经待了三年。他今年刚刚十九岁,是在内布拉斯加州的一个小镇上长大的,十五岁时就辍学了。第二年,他便乘车来到洛杉矶。由于家境贫寒,他刚到这座城市的时候口袋里只装着五十美元。
  • 3    莱尼虽然举目无亲,可一开始运气还不错。几周后他便在一家加油站找到了工作。尽管薪水不高,他还是很喜欢这份工作,一干就干了差不多两年。后来,他的老板把加油站卖了,他也被辞退了。不过,他还算幸运,虽然被解雇了,仍然可以领到失业津贴。通常,自己辞职的人是无法领取失业金的。
  • 4    失业金很快便用光了。莱尼不得不再谋生路。他每天早晨都起得很晚,然后便去职业介绍所看看是否有适合他的工作。剩下的时间他便在繁华的街区闲逛。
  • 5    莱尼与另外一个同样来自于内布拉斯加的男孩合住在闹市区边上的一间房子里。和他们俩来往的朋友经常变来变去。他们互相借钱度日——他们清楚谁在工作而谁没有,或是靠领取失业金维持生计。莱尼想过要回家,但他还是留在了洛杉矶。
  • 6    有时,莱尼会打电话回家。他的父母总是为他担心,希望他能回去。然而,他自己从未绝望过。他经常告诉自己明天或是后天自己就会时来运转的。毕竟整个国家的经济开始复苏了。
  • 7    幸运的是,没过多久,他就找到了一份新工作。经过三个月的汽车修理培训,他成了一家修车行的机修工。工作带给他的不只是不错的薪水,还有许多精神上的满足感。

  • Unit 08 : Job Hunting > Listening and Watching > Listening
    A. Choose the best answer according to what you hear.
  • 正确答案:1. C   2. A   3. B   4. D   5. C
  • Script:
    1. M: Tom has been trying for months to find a job. But I wonder how he could get a job when he looks like that.
    W: Oh, that poor guy! He really should shave himself every other day at least.
    Q: Why does the man think it is difficult for Tom to find a job?2. M: What kind of work do you want to do when you finish university?
    W: I want to work in the banking industry. I’ve always been interested in working for an international bank.
    Q: Where does the woman wish to work after graduation?3. M: If I were you, I would have accepted the job.
    W: I turned down the offer because it would mean frequent business trips.
    Q: Why did the woman not accept the job offer?4. M: Now, one more question: if you don’t mind, what position in the company appeals to you most?
    W: Well, I’d like the position of sales manager if that position is still vacant.
    Q: What position does the woman like to choose most?5. M: What do you think of my chances of getting the job?
    W: Well, I’m talking to three people today and four tomorrow. We’ll be hiring two people.
    Q: What might be the man’s chances of getting the job?

    B. Fill in the blanks of the following passage according to what you hear.
  • 正确答案:1. common   2. forget   3. happening   4. worries   5. quit   6. dangerous   7. strong   8. ready

Text A / Comprehension
A. Pair Work
Complete the following sentences orally according to the text.
1. What do people think they will find in big cities?
They think that they will find work and excitement there .
2. What dreams do some people have?
Some people have dreams of success in the arts or in the theater .
3. How much money did Lenny have when he arrived in Los Angeles?
He had only fifty dollars .
4. What did Lenny sometimes think he would do before he finally found another job?
He sometimes thought he would go back home .
5. What did Lenny do in order to get a new job?
He completed a three-month course in auto repair .
6. Where is Lenny working?
He is now working in a garage .
B. Main Idea
Read the text again. As you read, underline what you think are the most important ideas. Then, in one or two sentences, write the main idea of the text.
The passage tells the story of Lenny Legg’s struggling life in the city, where he suffered ups and downs in job hunting and finally settled down.

Vocabulary Building / Exercises
A. Match the words in the left-hand column with the Chinese meanings on the right.

B. Fill in each of the following blanks with the proper form of the given words.
1. His family suffers a lot from his unemployment (employ).
2. He said people’s television viewing is often purposeless (purpose).
3. China’s economic (economy) growth will continue.
4. After he was found missing, we were all worried (worry) about him.
5. I’m sorry for Jack’s dismissal (dismiss) from his post at the head of the commission.
6. The idea of working for state-owned enterprises has less and less attraction (attract) to young people nowadays.
7. I only have a very general (generally) idea of the text.
8. Using computers has a beneficial (benefit) effect on children’s learning.

Grammar Tips / Exercises
A. Complete the following sentences based on the information given in Chinese.
1. It is strange how she got to know my address (她是如何知道我的地址的).
2. Why John told him this news (约翰为什么告诉他这一消息) is still unknown.
3. It is not yet decided who will be in charge of this project (谁将负责这一项目).
4. I can’t understand why he quit his job (他为什么会辞去工作).
5. Can you tell me what hobbies you have (你有些什么爱好)?

B. Each of the following sentences contains ONE mistake. Find it out and correct it.
6. For many years Pat is single has never been known to my colleagues.
(B, that Pat is single)
7. How did the boy find the key was a mystery to all.
(A, How the boy found the key)
8. If Mary would come has not been decided as yet.
(A, Whether Mary would come)
9. Do you happen to know when will the date of the next meeting be announced?
(C, the date of the next meeting will)
10. Why has Peter given up smoking is a miracle to me as he used to be so addicted to it.
(A, Why Peter has given up smoking)

Text B / Comprehension
A. Answer the following questions according to the text.
1. What are the two kinds of qualities one must show in order to succeed in a job interview?
One should demonstrate certain personal and professional qualities in order to succeed in a job interview.
2. What kind of clothes should a person not wear for a job interview?
A person should not wear clothes that are too informal, too expensive or too colorful for a job interview.
3. Why should one pay close attention to his or her manner of speaking?
Because speech may show one’s personality .
4. How may it benefit you to know something about the job you are applying for?
Knowing something about the position helps the interviewee to ask the right questions about the work and the requirements for the job .
5. How can one leave a good impression during a job interview?
To be really impressive an interviewee must show confidence in himself/herself and enthusiasm for work .

B. Judge whether each of the following statements is true or false according to the text. Write T if it is true, or F if false.
1. A job interview lasts at least 20 minutes.
2. The clothes one wears determines the interviewer’s first impression.
3. If you speak clearly, you show yourself to be a confident person.
4. The way you look at the interviewer can be very important.
5. Luck determines one’s success in a job interview.
Key: 1. F 2. T 3. T 4. T 5. F

Comprehensive Exercises
A. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.
1. After he failed in the business, he ended up ________ nothing to his name.
A. have B. to have
C. having D. had
2. Because of poverty, Jack dropped ________ school when he was thirteen.
A. out B. out of
C. out from D. of
3. In the past few months, he lived ________ begging.
A. in B. on
C. from D. by
4. Jane is in charge of ________ deliveries.
A. making B. doing
C. giving D. bringing
5. One should be neither too casual nor too serious ________ his dress.
A. at B. about
C. to D. for
6. His smile ________ that he is satisfied with the result.
A. suggests B. holds
C. finds D. knows
7. If you use your money like that, it will soon run ________.
A. away B. off
C. out D. up
8. What job have you applied ________?
A. for B. to
C. with D. at

B. Fill in the blanks with the words given below.

Today, it is not rare that people may lose their jobs, so now is perhaps the time to consider the (1) experience of unemployment. What are the first feelings? Well, losing a job, or not being able to find one, almost always causes sadness. If you’ve lost a job, the first feeling is often that of (2) disappointment . The days seem to be getting longer. Some people may have difficulty in sleeping and eating. Others may lose confidence in themselves. (3) Despite all these problems, unemployment may bring good feelings, too. It’s nice to be able to lie in bed in the morning, spend more time with your family and relatives, and have more time to think. It can be a (4) chance for a fresh start. You can use the time to think what you really want to get from life and how best you can get it. Also you can use the time to plan how to find a new job, learn a new skill, or see if you can (5) run your own business and become a success. (6) Possibly , a new and better job is already waiting for you.

C. Translate the following sentences into English using the words or phrases you have learned in this unit.
1. 小王在面试中让面试官相信他的潜力巨大。(potential)
In the interview, Xiao Wang convinced the interviewers that he had great potential.
2. 他失业后不久钱就用光了。(run out)
His money ran out soon after his unemployment.
3. 一般说来,雇主比较想知道求职者的工作经历。(generally)
Generally speaking, an employer wants to know about an applicant’s work experience.
4. 工人们很担心会被解雇。(worried)
The workers are worried that they may be dismissed.
5. 我现在很难找到合适的人干这个工作。(available)
I can’t find any suitable person available for this job now.
6. 求职者必须在短时间内显示他们的才能。(demonstrate)
Applicants must demonstrate their abilities within a short period of time.
7. 他有资格应聘那份工作。(qualification)
He has the qualifications to apply for the job.
8. 那家工厂的情况正在好转。(turn for the better)
That factory is now starting to turn for the better.

D. Translate the following passage from Text B into Chinese.
During the interview, you can talk about your own training, experience and other qualifications. The interviewer can determine whether your background and potential fit the position for which you are applying. Knowing something about the position helps you ask the right questions about the work and the requirements for the job. The interviewer can decide from your questions whether you are really interested or have the necessary knowledge or experience. It is important that you show your understanding of the requirements and your abilities for meeting these requirements.

Practical Reading and Writing / Exercises
1. Write your answer to each of the following questions.
(1) What was the job advertised in the Yangtse Evening in Sample 1?
The job was the position of a part-time salesgirl.
(2) What is Wang Fang’s major at college?
She majors in Strategic Marketing.
(3) What qualifications does she have for the position?
She has some part-time working experience and would enjoy facing the challenges.
(4) What is Hua Ming’s present employer in Sample 2?
His present employer is the Xishan Company.
(5) Why does he want to leave his present position?
He wants to better himself and give full play to his talent.

A. Suppose you want to apply to the Shanghai English Post for a part-time job as advertised in the Xinmin Evening. Write a letter of application stating your wish and qualifications.
圆角矩形: March 3
Dear Sir,
I saw in the Xinmin Evening yesterday that you are looking for a part-time editor and I believe I’m the very person for the job.
I will shortly be graduating from Nanjing University with honors as an English major. During the four years at college, I’ve been working hard to polish my language skills, and have gained numerous awards and scholarships. I practiced editing for the English edition of the Yangtze Evening for three months, so I’m confident that my experience as a part-time editor fits the position you advertised.
Enclosed please find my resumé and I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours truthfully,
Steven Tang

B. Suppose you want to apply to the Nanjing Clothing Factory where there are a few openings for fashion design. Write a letter of application to the factory in the hope of getting such a position.
圆角矩形: March 8
Dear Sir/Madam,
I am Li Fang, from Nanjing Institute of Technology. My major is costume design. In three months, I will graduate from college with a B.A. degree. During the past four years, I’ve been studying a variety of courses concerning the designing of all sorts of clothing. In particular, I excel in fashion design. For two consecutive years I won first place in the costume design contest held by the Institute.
It would be a great opportunity for me to be offered a job of fashion design in your factory, so please consider my application.
Enclosed please find photocopies of the various awards I have gained and two references from my professors.
I’m looking forward to your reply.
Yours respectfully,
Li Fang




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