大学英语 新标准高职实用综合教程(第2版)第二册 Unit 07

大学英语 新标准高职实用综合教程(第2版)第二册 Unit 07

Text A

  • Feeling Safe
1      When my daughter, Julia, was young and in need of support she had a special technique. She would come to me and say “Daddy, I need special time,” and I knew just what that meant. We needed to face two chairs towards each other and she would talk about what was bothering her. She might complain that her friend had said she talked too much and I would respond with a supportive “Ah, Julia.” She might then tell me that another friend had told her that she didn’t want to play with her ever again and I would again offer support through a simple “Ah, Julia.” After about 5–7 cycles of “Ah, Julia,” she was ready to go! Her cup was full and, she would say “Thanks, Dad” and off she would dash outside to playThen I would return to my own work.
2     What was Julia doing? She was creating a “safe place” for herself. One important motive behind her effort is to heal herself. When people are in trouble psychologically, they will first look for a safe place. Julia went a step further. Once she had the safe place she used it to tell her story. Combining these two elements is the outline of the common path that most of us use in healing ourselves: finding safety and then telling our personal story. Julia arranged for me to steward that safe place and then talked about what was pestering her. Through this story-telling process done in a safe place she began to find healing. One other common example of this process is attending a support group which acts as a safe place for people to tell their story and through the repeated telling balance is found.
3     My son, Luke, however, would not come to me and say, “Daddy, I need special time.” Absolutely not. Why not? The reason is that sitting face to face is simply not safe for him. Where do men and boys like my son feel safe? More often than not, it is not when they are face to face, but rather when they are shoulder to shoulder taking action. Think of the places where men feel close to other men. It is most often when they are taking action and working on a common goalThe more dangerous the goal, the closer the men feel to each other. Wartime, police departments, fire departments, and sports teams at a championship are all examples of this. Through working together, shoulder to shoulder, the men feel close to other men. Here lasting friendships and the sense of security are forged within that safety.
  • 安全感
  • 1    我女儿朱莉亚小的时候,每当遇到问题需要帮助时,她总有一种特别的解决方法。她会来找我,说:“老爸,我想占用你点儿时间。” 我知道她这句话的真正意思。我们俩会找两张椅子面对面坐下来,然后她就开始讲令她头疼的事。她或许会抱怨说,她的朋友嫌她是个话痨。我会说“哦,朱莉亚”作为精神上的支持。她可能会接着说,她的另一朋友不和她玩了,我会再次简单地说句“哦,朱莉亚”以示抚慰。在我说五到七次“哦,朱莉亚”之后,她就打算去玩了。她杯子里的水一点都没动。她会说“谢谢老爸”,然后便冲出房间去玩了。我也便继续自己的工作。
  • 2    朱莉亚是怎么了?她在营建自己的“安全窝”。她这么做,背后的主要动机是为了治愈她自己的痛苦。人们心理上遇到问题时,会先找一个安全窝。不仅如此,朱莉亚还会利用安全窝把自己的麻烦讲出来。为了治愈自己的痛苦,我们中的大部分人采取的通用做法是将这两个元素结合起来:找个安全之地,然后把自己的故事说出来。朱莉亚把我当成了她的安全窝,然后给我讲令她烦恼的事。在安全的地方把自己的痛苦讲出来,这一过程其实也是她开始疗伤的过程。人们常用的另外一种治愈痛苦的方法,是加入一个互助组:该小组成为他们的安全之地,在那里,人们把他们的痛苦说出来,通过多次的重复就可以找到一种平衡。
  • 3    但是,我儿子卢克不会来找我说什么“老爸,我想占用你点时间”。绝不会。为什么呢?理由是,面对面坐着对他来说并不安全。男人以及像我儿子一样的男孩在哪里才能有安全感呢?面对面对他们而言往往是不安全的,相反,肩并肩地采取行动时他们才会有安全感。可以想一想,令男人感到彼此距离很近的地方,大多数情况是当他们采取行动,并且朝着共同的目标努力的时候。目标愈是危险,他们就愈感到亲近。比如,战争时期、警察局、消防队、冠军赛中的体育团队。肩并肩一起工作会使男人之间的关系更加密切。这种安全之地产生了长久的友谊和安全感。

  • Unit 07 : Gender Differences > Listening and Watching > Listening
    A. Choose the best answer according to what you hear.
    正确答案:1. B   2. A   3. D   4. C   5. C

1. M: Can you talk about gender roles for the new generation compared to the older generation in your country?
W: Yes, today, a woman doesn’t have to be a housewife. She can work. She can do whatever she likes.
Q: What does the woman imply about the change of women’s roles?
2. W: Paul, what are the bad things about being a man?
M: Well, the hardest thing I think is working. The man is under a lot of pressure to go to work and to earn money for the family.
Q: What kind of pressure does a man face?
3. M: How about good things about being a woman?
W: There are many in my country. For example, we can choose to work or not, once we marry.
Q: What is the good thing mentioned about being a woman?
4. W: I don’t think appearance means as much to men as to women.
M: You’re quite right, but my cousin seems to be an exception.
Q: To what extent does the man agree with the woman?
5. W: David, have you noticed that a girl may easily get the first grades, while boys of her age bring home low marks?
M: No, I think it’s just individual difference.
Q: What does the man mean?

B. Fill in the blanks of the following passage according to what you hear.

  • 正确答案:1. problems   2. wrong   3. deal   4. patient   5. better   6. teach   7. change   8. job

Text A / Comprehension
A. Pair Work
Complete the following sentences orally according to the text.
1. What was Julia’s special technique when she was in need of support?
She would go to her dad and talk about what was bothering her .
2. How would her dad respond when Julia complained that her friend had said she talked too much?
Her dad would respond with a supportive “Ah, Julia.”
3. What was Julia’s motive when she was creating a “safe place” for herself?
Julia’s motive behind her effort is to heal herself .
4. What are the two elements that most people use in healing themselves?
The two elements are finding safety and then telling their personal story .
5. Why does Luke not say to his father that he needs special time?
He does not do so for the reason that sitting face to face is simply not safe for him .

B. Main Idea
Read the text again. As you read, underline what you think are the most important ideas. Then, in one or two sentences, write the main idea of the text.
The text concerns gender differences in terms of solving personal problems by giving examples of the author’s daughter Julia, who goes to her father and tells her story, and his son Luke, who does not feel safe to do so, but must build trust in a different way.

Vocabulary Building / Exercises
A. Match the words in the left-hand column with the Chinese meanings on the right.

B. Fill in each of the following blanks with the proper form of the given words.
1. They have been studying the occurrence (occur) of heart disease in Japan.
2. After much thought (think) he decided not to buy the car.
3. My visit to the place was a painful (pain) experience.
4. My library books are a week overdue (due).
5. His face looked guilty (guilt).
6. I know I’m only an idealistic (ideal) fool, but honestly, that is our only hope.
7. They married (marriage) in their twenties.
8. Aircraft noise is particularly bothersome (bother) here since we’re close to the airport.

Grammar Tips / Exercises
A. Complete the following sentences based on the information given in Chinese.
1. My question is how we can complete the task as scheduled (我们如何才能按时完成任务).
2. The point is that he doesn’t know how the accident occurred (他根本不知道事故是怎么发生的).
3. What I want to know is whether Xiao Zhang is willing to attend the meeting (小张是否愿意参加这次会议).
4. Her trouble was where to find the book (哪里才能找到这本书).
5. My mother’s wish has always been that I will become a successful doctor one day (我有一天会成为一名成功的医生).

B. Each of the following sentences contains ONE mistake. Find it out and correct it.
6. What he told me yesterday was he would immigrate to the U. S.
(C, was that)
7. My biggest concern is if Mary will arrive on time or not.
(B, whether)
8. The trouble Jack is facing is who depend on to manage the company.
(C, is depended on)
9. The reason I failed the exam was because I had been too careless in my study.
(C, that)
10. That remains unclear who will be elected ministers.
(A, It)

Text B / Comprehension
A. Answer the following questions according to the text.
1. What are several recent studies about?
Young babies have been observed and tested to discover how different abilities are developed.
2. Who is Jerome Kagan?
Jerome Kagan is a psychologist at Harvard University .
3. Why do baby girls usually talk at an earlier age than boys do?
Girls are physically more ready to remember facts, to spell, and to read .
4. What is an aggressive person like according to the text?
An aggressive person has courage and energy. He feels strong and independent. He is often the first one to start a fight .
5. How does the mother train her daughter and son differently?
While the mother keeps her daughter close to her, she trains her son to move away from her, to foster independence .

B. Judge whether each of the following statements is true or false according to the text. Write T if it is true, or F if false.
1. People generally believe that only boys excel in science.
2. All girls have better vocabularies than boys.
3. Aggressiveness in boys is also caused by fathers besides hormones.
4. Males are trained to be aggressive when they are middle school students.
5. Few people believe that women could succeed in science and industry if they were trained to be independent, as boys are.
Key: 1. T 2. F 3. F 4. F 5. F

Comprehensive Exercises
A. Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.
1. It is hard to see how the issue can be resolved ________ everyone’s satisfaction.
A. in B. above
C. to D. with
2. This plan I mentioned just now is ________ to discussion.
A. open B. opened
C. opening D. openness
3. When I was cooking, it suddenly ________ to me that I had forgot to buy salt.
A. happened B. came
C. occurred D. thought
4. Driving a boat is not the same ________ driving a car.
A. like B. with
C. for D. as
5. I don’t want to go out ________ the heavy rain outside.
A. because of B. for
C. because D. since
6. Go and buy a copy of this book. It is still in ________.
A. shop B. stock
C. sale D. store
7. It’s getting cold. You ________ put on more clothes.
A. had to B. will
C. had better D. would better
8. It seems that Mary has some trouble ________ this sound.
A. pronouncing B. pronounce
C. to pronounce D. to pronouncing

B. Fill in the blanks with the words given below.

People’s ideas on gender (1) vary from one to another. Some people think that men are more intelligent than women. They hold this opinion because they think men are stronger not only physically but also mentally. For instance, men occupy most of the important (2) social positions in society.
But every coin has two sides. Although the above view sounds reasonable, others believe that women are superior (3) to men. From their point of (4) view , without women, there would be nothing for men since all men were born by women.
As for me, neither of the above two views is correct. In my opinion, men and women play (5) equal roles. Science and technology play an important part in modern society. Anyone with advanced scientific (6) knowledge will be the winner no matter which (7) gender he or she belongs to. Besides, no evidence proves that one sex is superior to or more intelligent than the other. In short, I think men and women are equal and they should (8) work together to make a better world for themselves.

C. Translate the following sentences into English using the words or phrases you have learned in this unit.
1. 一些女性抱怨说重要岗位都被男性占据着。(complain)
Some women complain that important posts are all occupied by men.
2. 男性与女性在社会中应该相互支持。(supportive)
Men and women should be mutually supportive in society.
3. 在我看来,男性与女性都不比对方更优越。(superior)
In my opinion, neither men nor women are superior to the other.
4. 目前的一个变化是,一些女性担任国家元首了。(current)
A current change is that some women have become the heads of their countries.
5. 我们的最终目的就是要结束对妇女的不公正对待。(goal)
Our ultimate goal is to bring to an end unjust treatment to women.
6. 与男性相比,女性有时会缺少安全感。(security)
Unlike men, women sometimes lack the sense of security.
7. 我们都假定男女应该同工同酬。(presume)
We all presume that men and women should be equally paid for what they do.
8. 众所周知,在对陌生人的判断上,男女有一点细微的差别。(it is known that …)
It is known that there exist slight differences between men and women in their judgement about strangers.

D. Translate the following passage from Text B into Chinese.
What produces and breeds aggression in little boys? It has long been deemed that aggression is induced by male hormones. Scientists today believe that male hormones are only part of the explanation, however. They say aggressiveness in boys is also caused by mothers. From some observations and from conversations with mothers, the scientists have learned something about the treatment of baby boys and baby girls. While the mother keeps her daughter close to her, she trains her son to move away from her, to foster independence.

Practical Reading and Writing / Exercises
A. Write your answer to each of the following questions.
(1) When do Ruth and Bill plan to Hong Kong for vacation (Sample 1)?
They plan to go there this summer.
(2) Who does the writer mention to Betty? (Sample 2)?
Mr. Brown.

B Respond to the two invitation letters in the writing exercise of Unit 6, indicating your acceptance or refusal.
Sample response to the first invitation:
圆角矩形: Jan. 22
Dear Mary,
How nice it is to be invited to your 20th birthday party and I’ll surely be there on Saturday, Jan. 25, at six prompt.
It’s a long time since I met you last. We’ll certainly have a lot to talk about.
Thanks for asking me, Mary. I’m really looking forward to seeing you soon!
Yours sincerely,

Sample response to the second invitation:
圆角矩形: Jan. 20
Dear Zhang,
What a pity that I won’t be able to come to your promotion fair on February 25, next month because that’s the time I’m supposed to be in Paris.
From February 20 to 28 next month, I will join an international conference of the electronic industry held in Paris. My attendance at that meeting is predetermined and cannot be cancelled for the moment. I’m sure you understand.
Thanks a lot for your invitation and I wish a successful fair for your company.
Affectionately yours,




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