大学英语[实用综合教程 学生用书 第二版] 第一册 Unit 3(习题答案)

大学英语[实用综合教程 学生用书 第二版]Unit 3(习题答案)

  • Unit 03 : Gifts > Listening and Watching > Listening
    A. Write down the number in each sentence you hear.
  • 1.
  • 正确答案:1. 2   2. 14   3. 57   4. 2.5   5. 93   6. 230   7. 302   8. 34   9. 42   10. 472
  • Script:
    1. Lisa bought two new sweaters yesterday.
    2. Tim lives at No. Fourteen Rugby Street.
    3. Mrs. Brown has fifty-seven novels.
    4. It takes two hours and a half to get to Shanghai.
    5. Julie got ninety-three on the last test.
    6. Mr. Wells owes me two hundred and thirty dollars.
    7. Jack is going to take Bus No. 302 to the Palace Museum.
    8. The temperature today is thirty-four degrees Celsius.
    9. Tim wears size forty-two.
    10. Molly has a collection of four hundred and seventy-two music CDs.
    B. Fill in the blanks of the following passage according to what you have just heard.
  • In addition to a few symbolic gifts, many other products are considered suitable presents by Americans. They like to say that it is not the kind of gift that matters, the thought is (1) counts. Traditional gift-giving times are: weddings, (2) , Christmas, and anniversaries. You are expected to choose a gift for your romantic partner at (3) on your 6-month or yearly anniversaries. If you (4) , she / he might decide to forget about you.
  • 正确答案:1. what   2. birthdays   3. least   4. forget

英语[实用综合教程 学生用书 第二版]Unit 3

Text A

The Rules for Gift Giving
1 You should be careful in giving gifts. Never give a gift during a job interview or before a business meeting. Gifts are usually given during special holidays, or on occasions to show thanks for special invitations.
2 When you arrive at a party, you may present your gift to the host once the introductions are made. With gift giving, a few rules are in order:
3 Be modest with your gift; do not buy expensive gifts.
4 Gifts which do not last long, such as a special food from your country, a bottle of wine, candy and flowers, are best if you do not know the host very well. But be sure that your gift does not require too much attention. Your host will be very busy, and you should not add another task to his or her evening. You can usually say something like, “I thought you would like this a little later” when you offer your gift.
5 Be careful in giving alcoholic drinks as a gift. A bottle of wine is usually all right if you know your host drinks wine, but hard liquor can be given as a gift only when you know the host well and are certain that he would welcome such a gift.
6 Flowers are good, but remember: roses are for personal relationships, so don’t give roses to the wrong people. Cut flowers are nice if they are in a vase.
7 A small cultural gift from your country is usually very good. Paper-cuts and dyed paintings are among the good choices for Chinese to present to foreign people.
8 Finally, make certain your gift is wrapped nicely, with a nice card on it. Lovely wrapping paper makes the gift nice to look at. And the card helps because the receiver may forget who has sent the gift if he or she has received too many at a time.

1 送礼时得注意:不要在求职面试过程中、或在谈生意之前送礼。送礼一般都是在过节的时候,有时也可以是为了感谢别人对你的邀请。
2 到达宴会与主人见过面后即可呈上礼物。送礼时要注意以下几个事项:
3 礼物需适宜,不能太贵重。
4 如果你同主人不是很熟,那最好选送那些存放时间不太长的礼物,如本国的特色食品、葡萄酒、糖果和鲜花之类的。但是必须确保你的礼物不会让主人太劳神,因为主人会十分忙碌,不要让他/她还要为你的礼物操心。递上礼物的时候通常可以说上一句:“我想你打开后会喜欢这份礼物的。”
5 送酒作礼物时要当心了。如果你知道主人喝葡萄酒,那送上一瓶葡萄酒还是不错的,但如果是烈性酒,那只有当你与主人很熟并且确定主人会喜欢收到这样一份礼物时才能送。
6 鲜花也是不错的礼物,但要记住玫瑰花是很亲密的人之间才会送的礼物,所以不要送错对象。装在花瓶里的切枝花也是不错的选择。
7 通常来说具有文化意味的本国小礼物是相当不错的,像剪纸和染画就是中国人馈赠外国友人的佳礼。
8 最后,礼物必须包装得好看一点,再附上一张漂亮的卡片。漂亮的包装会使礼物显得美观,卡片可以让主人知道礼物是谁送的,因为如果送礼的人太多,主人可能会分不清楚。

Text A / Comprehension
A. Choose the best answer according to the text.

1. Gifts are given when ________.
A. a business meeting begins
B. a job interview is taking place
C. a person meets another
D. a person wants to show another one thanks
2. When attending a party, you may present your gift to your host ________.
A. after the party is over
B. before the party is over
C. once the introductions are made
D. when you are going to leave
3. Which rule of gift giving is NOT included in the text?
A. Do not give liquor as presents.
B. Be sure that your gift does not require too much attention.
C. Be modest with your gift.
D. Be careful in giving alcoholic drinks.
4. Which one is true about giving flowers?
A. Roses are not good for presents.
B. Cut flowers must be put in a vase.
C. Flowers are always nice gifts.
D. Be careful in giving roses because they are for close relationships.
5. Which of the following things is a good cultural gift for Chinese to present to Westerners?
A. Silk scarf.
B. Chocolate.
C. Flowers.
D. Wine.
Key: 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. D 5. A

B. Complete the following sentences orally with your partner.

1. When do people usually give gifts?
They give gifts during special holidays or on occasions to show thanks for special invitations .
2. Why shouldn’t you give a gift which requires too much attention?
This is because the host will be very busy and you should not add another task to his or her evening.
3. What should one keep in mind when giving alcoholic drinks as a gift?
One should keep in mind that hard liquor could be given as gifts only when you know the host well and are certain that he would welcome such a gift.
4. When can people give roses as presents?
They can do so when they have close personal relationships .
5. Why do people wrap their present and attach a card to it?
People do so because lovely wrapping paper makes the gift nice to look at. And a card can remind the receiver who has sent the gift for he or she may have received too many gifts at a time to remember who has sent it.

C. Make a dialogue with your partner according to the situation described below.

Tom is invited by his foreign teacher John Norton to dinner at home on Saturday evening. He feels that he should bring some gift to Mr. Norton but does not know what to buy. Sally, one of Tom’s good friends, gives him some advice. Work with your partner and fill in the blanks with the information from the text or other sources. Then read the conversation aloud in class. (“T” stands for Tom and “S” for Sally).
S: You look worried, Tom. What’s up?
T: Nothing serious. I just wonder what I shall give to Mr. Norton as a present when I go to his home this Saturday evening.
S: Oh, I see. Don’t buy any expensive gift . Mm, how about something to eat or drink?
T: Yeah, I can give him a bottle of hard liquor.
S: Oh, no. You must be careful in giving alcoholic drinks . Do you know what Mr. Norton drinks usually?
T: No, I don’t. Ah, I’ve got it. How about some flowers? Everyone likes them. I can get some roses…
S: Stop, stop. Roses are certainly not for Mr. Norton! They are for personal relationships .
T: You are right! But can you give me some useful advice?
S: OK, OK … Perhaps a cultural gift would be nice.
T: Such as …?
S: Such as paper-cuts and dyed paintings .
T: Right! Thank you ! That’s it! I’ll give a paper-cut to Mr. Norton. Thank you so much!
S: It’s my pleasure .

Vocabulary Building / Exercises
A. Match each word with its proper Chinese meaning.

B. Fill in each blank with a given word or expression in its right form.

1. She’s very modest about her success.
2. Most plants require sunlight.
3. Be careful of your words when talking to elderly people.
4. Mother called again to make certain that the new air-conditioner (空调) would be delivered the next day.
5. I presented a bunch of flowers (一束花) to Mrs. Link last Christmas.
6. Jack wrapped the gift in a piece of colored paper.
7. Shall I make the introductions ? Robert, this is Julia.
8. My mom cleans the house every day and keeps everything in order .

Grammar Tips / Exercises
A. Translate the following Chinese phrases into English.

1. 301号房间 Room 301 (three o one)
2. 第八中学 the No. 8 Middle School
3. 第50页 Page 50 (fifty)
4. 第12课 lesson twelve / the twelfth lesson
5. 一千零一夜 1,001 nights (one thousand and one nights)
6. 33路公共汽车 Bus No. 33 / the No. 33 Bus
7. 一打啤酒 a dozen bottles of beer
8. 五百个人 five hundred people
9. 14:15 a quarter past fourteen / fourteen fifteen
10. 南京路1409号 No. 1409 (one four o nine / fourteen o nine) Nanjing Road

B. Choose the best answer.

1. 265 is ________.
A. two hundreds and sixty-five
B. two hundred and sixty-five
C. two and sixty-five
D. two hundreds sixty five
2. ________, there will be ________ in the streets, taking part in the celebration.
A. October1; millions people
B. In October first; millions people
C. On October the first; millions of people
D. On October one; million people
3. He has been here for ________.
A. one and a half months
B. one and the half months
C. one and a half month
D. one and a half of month
4. The red shoes cost ________.
A. one pound and a half of pound
B. one and a half pound
C. one pound and a half
D. one pound and half a pound
5. This took place in ________.
A. a 1930’s
B. 1930s
C. the 1930s’
D. the 1930s
6. In her ________ she began to take up writing.
A. forties
B. fourties
C. fortieth
D. fourtieth
7. ________ Summer Olympics was held in Barcelona in Spain.
A. The Twenty-four
B. Twenty-four
C. The Twenty-forth
D. Twenty-fourth
8. We are going to learn ________.
A. Lesson Twelve
B. Lesson Twelfth
C. Twelfth Lesson
D The Lesson Twelfth
9. — How many new jobs can you give to the people here?
— Three ________ and ________.
A. hundred; eighty-six
B. hundreds; eighty-six
C. hundred; eighty-sixth
D. hundreds; eighty-sixth
10. ________ of the rivers here have been polluted.
A. Two-third
B. Two-thirds
C. Two-three
D. Second-third

C. Fill in each blank according to the Chinese given in brackets.

1. Forty percent students (百分之四十的学生) wear glasses.
2. Two thirds of our money (我们三分之二的钱) was spent on food.
3 The boy bought dozens of pencils (几十支铅笔).
4. I want to buy three dozen eggs (三打鸡蛋).
5. Thousands of (数以千计) people died in the earthquake.

Text B / Comprehension
A. Choose the best answer according to the text.

1. What is special about the author’s feet?
One of her feet was smaller than the other because she had had polio as a baby .
2. What did her mother do to fit the author’s smaller foot into the shoe?
She stuffed one shoe with toilet paper so it would fit her smaller foot .
3. What happened that made the author give up going to the dancing school?
She went to the first dance and danced with a boy when the toilet paper began to tail in a long ribbon across the dance floor .
4. Why was her mother so certain that Ferragamo would reply to her letter?
Because she read somewhere in the fashion magazines that Salvatore Ferragamo also had a child with polio .
5. What special service did Ferragamo’s company offer to give in the next ten years?
The author could have made-to-order shoes of the latest fashion for $35 a pair .

B. Read the sentences below and decide if they are true or false according to the text. Write T for true or F for false.

1. I was unable to walk because of polio.
2. Mother forced me to go to the dancing school despite my unusual feet.
3. Due to mother’s request, Ferragamo agreed to meet us in Florence.
4. On the day of my wedding, I wore a pair of Ferragamo with pearls in the shape of a butterfly.
5. Mother was eager to give me a chance to live just as happily as any girl of my age.
Key : 1. F 2. F 3. F 4. T 5. T

Comprehensive Exercises
A. Choose the best answer.

1. They were all tired, but ________ of them would stop to take a rest.
A. any
B. some
C. none
D. neither
2. — Why don’t we take a little break?
— Didn’t we just have ________ a while ago?
A. it
B. that
C. one
D. this
3. — What did you think of her speech?
— She ________ for an hour but didn’t ________ much.
A. spoke; speak
B. spoke; say
C. said; speak
D. said; say
4. As she ________ the newspaper, Granny ________ asleep.
A. read; was falling
B. was reading; fell
C. was reading; was falling
D. read; fell
5. Helen ________ her keys in the office so she had to wait until her husband ________ home. A. has left; comes
B. left; had come
C. had left; came
D. had left; would come
6. The visiting minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, ________ that he had enjoyed his stay here.
A. having added
B. to add
C. adding
D. added
7. We decided not to climb the mountains because it was raining ________.
A. badly
B. hardly
C. strongly
D. heavily
8. If I had ________, I’d visit Europe, stopping at all the small interesting places.
A. a long enough holiday
B. an enough long holiday
C. a holiday enough long
D. a long holiday enough
9. Would you like a cup of coffee ________ shall we get down to business right away?
A. and
B. then
C. or
D. otherwise
10. Mother was worried because little Alice was ill, especially ________ Father was away in France.
A. as
B. that
C. during
D. if

B. Fill in the blanks with the words given below.
store spend know buy like money

Gift Cards
A good way to solve the problem of what to buy is to buy a gift card. These cards look like credit cards, and come with a set amount of money to spend in the store they are from. It is said that 70% of American shoppers plan to buy gift cards this holiday season. Stores say these cards are more popular than ever. But they say people should know there are limits. Gift cards can lose some or all of their value unless they are used within a period of time. Business experts say gift cards earn stores a lot of money . People often spend more once they go to use their cards. Also, about 10% of the people who receive them never go to the store to buy anything at all.

C. Translate the following sentences into English, using the given words or phrases.

1. 在拜访外教时,你可以送给他一件文化小礼品。(present)
When you visit your foreign teacher, you may present him with a small cultural gift.
2. 只有在知道主人喝酒的情况下,你才能送给他一瓶酒。(only when)
You can give the host a bottle of wine as a gift only when you know that the host drinks wine.
3. 女店员用彩纸把礼物包好。(wrap)
The saleswoman wrapped up the gift in color paper.
4. 在解决这个问题时,杰克遇到了一些困难。(have difficulty in)
Jack had some difficulty in solving the problem.
5. 妈妈告诉我生活充满惊喜,要随时做好准备。(be ready for; surprise)
Mum told me that life was full of surprises and one should be ready for them.

D. Translate the following passage from Text A into Chinese.

Be careful in giving alcoholic drinks as a gift. A bottle of wine is usually all right if you know your host drinks wine, but hard liquor can be given as a gift only when you know the host well and are certain that he would welcome such a gift.

Practical Reading and Writing / Exercises
A. Read the gift notes above and write the answers to the questions.

1. How is Dr. Brown? He is ill .
2. What does Jerry send to Laura? A bottle of perfume .
3. Who send Mike a pair of shoes? His parents.
4. Does Alice send Andrew a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolate? A box of chocolate .
5. Who will celebrate his / her birthday? Bruce .

B. Write two gift notes, one for an elderly person whom you know well and one for a classmate of yours. Try to make your note as interesting as possible to impress the person who will receive it.
文本框: To Professor Hipple, Wish you a Happy, Sound and Prosperous New Year! from Karen
文本框: To Lily, With a pen, I wish you good luck with your studies! from Minnie




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