大学英语三级(A级)-试卷 第540卷

大学英语三级(A级)-试卷 第540卷

( 总分: 134.00 ,做题时间: 90 分钟 )

一、  Listening Comprehension( 总题数: 10 ,分数: 38.00)

1. Part I Listening Comprehension (20 minutes)Directions :  This part is to test your listening ability. It consists of 4 sections.


2. Section ADirections: This section is to test your ability to understand short dialogues . There are 5 recorded dialogues in it . After each dialogue . there is a rec orded question . Both the dialogues and questions will be spoken only once . When you hear a questi


(分数: 10.00 )

 A.Doctor and patient.(译文:医生和病人。)

 B.Passenger and ticket collect or. (译文:旅客及客票领取或。)

 C.Shop assistant and customer. (译文:店员和顾客。)

 D.Boss and clerk.  √ (译文:老板和职员。)

解析:解析:根据文中说话人的语气可推断他们应该是上下级关系,再看选项中有老板和雇员一项,故选 D 。

 A.It’ s not important how he dances.  √ (译文:他怎么跳舞并不重要。)

 B.It’ s too crowded to dance away. (译文:人太多了,没法一直跳舞。)

 C.If he’s careful, no one will notice. (译文:如果他小心,没人会注意到的。)

 D.No one knows the steps to dance . (译文:没有人知道跳舞的步骤。)

解析:解析:根据女士的回答“ It doesn ’ t matter .”可知,女士在为男士鼓劲,说没有人会注意到他不会舞步,故选 A 。

 A.400 Yuan.(译文:元)

 B.700 Yuan. (译文:元)

 C.200 Yuan.  √ (译文:元)

 D.900 Yuan. (译文:元)

解析:解析:根据文中关键词“ 900 ”,“ 700 ”可知,男士还需再借 200 元,故选 C 。

 A.It was too dark.(译文:天太黑了)

 B.His eyesight is not so good. (译文:他的视力不太好。 )

 C.The man doesn’ t want to. (译文:他不想 )

  D.He can’ t find the switch.  √ (译文:他找不到开关。 )

解析:解析:根据男士的回答“ I don’t know where the switch is .”可知,他是找不到开关所以才没开灯,故选 D 。

 A.At the railway station. (译文: 在火车站。)

 B.At the airport.  √ (译文: 在机场。)

 C.At the police station. (译文:在警察局。 )

 D.At the bank. (译文:在银行。 )

解析:解析:根据男士所问的“ air ticket and passport ”可知,两人可能是在机场海关,故选 B 。

3. Sectio n BDirections: This section is to test your ability to understand short conversations . There are 2 recorded conversations in it . After each conversation , there are some recorded questions . Both the conversations and questions will be spoken two times .
(译文: 本节测试你理解简短对话的能力。里面有两段对话录音。每段对话之后,都有一些录音问题。对话和问题都要讲两次。)

_______ ___________________________________________________________________________________

(分数: 4.00 )

 A.IBM. (译文: )

 B.A supermarket. (译文: IBM公司。)

 C.ABC Company.  √ (译文: ABC公司。)

 D.A bookstore. (译文: 书店。)

解析:解析:根据一开始女士的回答便可知答案,故选 C 。

 A.Dress. (译文: 穿衣服。)

 B.Computers.  √ (译文: 电脑。)

 C.Shoes. (译文:鞋。 )

 D.Engines. (译文:引擎。 )

解析:解析:男士说自己在 IBM 工作,无疑是和计 算机打交道的,故选 B 。

(分数: 6.00 )

 A.To ask if she’s got the tickets. (译文:问她有没有票。 )

 B.To invite her out for an evening.  √ (译文: 邀请她出去过夜)

 C.To offer his help with her new flat. (译文: 帮她搬新公寓。)

 D.To take care of his friend. (译文: 照顾他的朋友。)

解析:解析:根据男士的回答“ I was wondering if you ’ d like to go to a concert tomorrow evening .”可知,男士想和 女士一块去听音乐会,故选 B 。

 A.Watching a basketball match. (译文: 看篮球比赛。)

 B.Cleaning up the new apartment. (译文: 打扫新公寓。)

 C.Going to the cinema with Margaret.  √ (译文:和玛格丽特一起去看电影。 )

 D.Going shopping with her friends. (译文:和她的朋友去购物。 )

解析:解析:根据女士的回答“ Margaret has already asked me  to see a friend and then we ’ ll go to the cinema together ”可知,女士明晚已经约了别人一块去看朋友和电影,故选 C 。


 B.5:30.  √



解析:解析:根据女士的回答“ The basketball match will be over by 5 : 30 .”可知,篮球赛 5 : 30 结束,故选 B 。

4. Section CDirections: In this section you will hear a reco rded short passage . The passage is printed in the test paper , but with some words or phrases missing . The passage will be read two times .
(译文: )


An old friend from abroad,  whom I was expecting to stay with me, 1 from the airport to tell me that he had 2 . I was still at the office at the time, but I had made preparation for his arrival. After explaining where my new 3 was, I told him that I had left the key under the 4 . As  I was likely to be home very late, I advised him to go into the 5 and help himself to food and drinks.
(译文: 一个从国外来的老朋友,我本来想和他在一起,一个从机场来告诉我他有两个。当时我还在办公室,但我已经为他的到来做好了准备。在解释了我的新3号在哪里之后,我告诉他我把钥匙落在4号下面了。因为我可能很晚才回家,所以我建议他到5楼去,自己去吃喝。)

An old friend from abroad, whom I was expecting to stay with me, 6 from the airport to tell me that he had 7 . I was still at the office at the time, bu t I had made preparation for his arrival. After explaining where my new 8 was, I told him that I had left the key under the 9 . As I was likely to be home very late, I advised him to go into the 10 and help himself to food and drinks.
(译文:一个从国外来的老朋友,我本想和他住在一起,6个从机场来告诉我他有7个。当时我还在办公室,但我已经为他的到来做了准备。在解释了我的新8号在哪里之后,我告诉他我把钥匙落在了9号下面。由于我可能很晚才回家,我建议他到10楼去,自己去吃喝。 )
(分数: 10.00 )

填空项 1:_____ _____________  (正确答案: telephoned ) (译文:打电话 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: arrived ) (译文: )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: apartment ) (译文:到了 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: doormat ) (译文: 门垫)

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: kitchen ) (译文:厨房 )

6. Section DDirections: This section is to test your ability to  comprehend short passages . You will hear a recorded passage . After that you will hear five questions . Both the passage and the questions will be read two times . When you hear a question , you should
(译文: )

______________________________________________________________ ____________________________

What is the passage talking about? 1. (译文: 这篇文章讲的是什么?)

What is the passage talking about? 2. (分数: 8.00 ) (译文:这篇文章讲的是什么? )

(1).What’s the first advantage of little cars? There will be less 1. (分数: 2.00 )
(译文:小型车的第一个优点是什么?会有更少的 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: air pollution ) (译文:空气污染 )

解析:解析:在材料第 二句中就提到了此车的第一个优点:“ there will be less pollution in the air .”即减少污染,故此处应填“ air pollution ”。

(2).What’s about the cost of owning and driving such cars? The little cars will cost 1to own and to drive. (分数: 2.00 )
(译文: 拥有和驾驶这种车的成本是多少?这些小轿车要花1英镑才能拥有和驾驶。)

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: much lower / less ) (译文:低得多/少 )

解析:解析:根据提示信息可推知,该题问的是小型车购买和使用的耗费情况。在材料中提到“ The little cars will cost much less to own and to drive .” ( 购买和使用这种小型车会比较便宜。 ) 故此处应填“ much lower / less ”。

(3).What’s the speed of little cars? These little cars can only go 1per hour. (分数:2.00 )
(译文:小汽车的速度是多少?这些小汽车每小时只能开15英里。 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答 案:正确答案: 55 miles ) (译文: 55英里)

解析:解析:根据提示信息很容易知道,此处所缺内容应该是关于速度的。材料中提到驾驶这种汽车很安全的原因是“… as these little cars can go only 55 miles per hour .” ( 因为这种小型车的速度只能达到每小时 55 英里 ) ,故此处应填“ 55 miles ”。

(4).What’s the disadvantage for little cars? They will not be useful for 1. (分数: 2.00 )
(译文:小型车的缺点是什么?它们不会对1有用 )

填空项 1:___ _______________  (正确答案:正确答案: long trips ) (译文:长途旅行 )

解析:解析:根据提示信息可推知,该题问的是小型车的适用范围。材料中除了提到这种车的优点外,也提到了它的一个缺点:“ but they will not be useful for long trips .” ( 它们不适于用作长途旅行。 ) 故此处应填“ long trips ”。

二、  Structure( 总题数: 18 ,分数: 30.00) (译文: 结构)

7. Part II Structure (10 minutes)Directions: This part  is to test your ability to use words and phrases correctly to construct meaningful and grammatically correct sentences . It consists of 2 sections .
(译文:这部分是为了测试你正确使用单词和短语来构造有意义和语法正确的句子的能力 )


8. Section ADir ections: There are 10 incomplete statements here . You are required to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A) , B) , C) and D) .
(译文:这里有10个不完整的陈述。你需要从标记为A)、B)、C)和D的4个选项中选择适当的答案来完成每一个陈述) )

_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____

9.It was my father’s wish in his will that I______become a doctor.
(分数: 2.00 )
(译文: 我父亲在遗嘱中希望我成为一名医生。)

 A.should  √ (译文: 应该)

 B.would (译文:将 )

 C.might (译文:可以 )

 D.could (译文:能够 )

解析:解析:从句子结构来看, wish 在句中作表语, that I should become a doctor 作 wish 的同位语。在表示命令、建议、要求、愿望等含有主观愿望成分的名词后的同位语从句中,谓语要用虚拟语气,其形式为: (should+) 动词原形,故选 A 。

10.Thus______between England and France which was to last for 100 years.
(分数: 2.00 )于是,英法之间爆发了一场将持续100年的战争。

 A.broke out a war  √

 B.did a war break out

 C.a war broke out

 D.was a war broken

解析:解析:句中副词 thus 受到了强调,又因主语部分特别长,所以完全倒装。另外, thus 还有“因此”之义,故选 A 。

11.He______in the army for ten  years, and he retired last year.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.has served

 B.had served  √


 D.had been serving

解析:解析:整个句子为过去时态,从时间状语 for ten years 可以判断这里表示过去持续的状态,所以用过去完成时,故选 B 。

12.Before his death last year, Professor Johnson  decided that he______leave $ 2,000,000 to his university.
(分数: 2.00 )


 B.would  √



解析:解析:此句主句的谓语动词用过去时,宾语从句要用过去将来时,表示在过去某一时间点看将来要发生的事情。不过,本句中的 would 还兼有表示意愿的作用,故选 B 。

13.An iron and steel works, with several satellite factories, ______in tha t city now.
(分数: 2.00 )

 A.is built

 B.is being built  √

 C.were built

 D.are being built

解析:解析:主语是 an iron and steel works ,后面的 with several satellite factories 只是补充成分,所以谓语要用单数,故选 B 。

14.The teacher doesn’ t permit______in class.
(分数: 2.00 )



 C.to  have a smoke

 D.smoking  √

解析:解析: permit 的动宾结构有两种: permit doing sth .和 permit sb . to do sth .。在此处为第一种,故选 D 。

15.He traveled to the Northern part of the country, ______he got many new ideas for this book.
(分数: 2.00 )



 C.where  √


解析:解析:此处是一个非限制 性定语从句,缺状语,选项中只有 where 能作状语,故选 C 。

16.Hospital doctors don’t go out very often as their work takes______their time.
(分数: 2.00 )




 D.up  √

解析:解析: take up 有“用尽,耗掉或占用 ( 时间、空间 ) ”的意思。 take away 意为“带走”; take over 意为“接管”; take in 有“理解,接纳,允许进来”等意思,根据句意,故选 D 。

17.The police knew nothing about the case______your father phone them.
(分数: 2.00 )




 D.until  √

解析:解析: not … until …意为“直到…才…”,故选 D 。如果选 B ,主句则要用完成时态。

18.I don’t think this room will be big enough to______all the guests.
(分数: 2.00 )


 B. hold  √



解析:解析: hold 在这里意为“容纳;装”,如: The hall can hold more than 2 , 000 people .这大厅可容下 2 , 000 多人。 contain 在表示“包含;容纳;装有”时,指的是一物中含有另一物。如: Beer contains alcohol .啤酒含有酒精。 keep 表示“保持,保存,遵守,经营,看守,拘留,维持”等意思,根据句意,故选 B 。

19. Section BDirections: There are also 5 inc omplete statements here . You should fill in each blank with the proper form of the word given in the brackets .


20.It’ s about two hour’ s (fly) 1from Xi’ an to Be ijing.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: flight )

解析:解析:根据题意,空中所填词在 two hour ’ s 之后,所以需要一个名词,而 fly 的名词形式是 flight 。

21.When I last saw Seaman, he (hurry) 1to his next class and did not have time to talk.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: was hu rrying )


22.Your suggestion that the meeting (be) 1cancelled is reasonable.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: (should)be )

解析:解析: suggestion that 后的从句要用虚拟语气。

23.It is the feathers that (able) 1a bird to fly.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: enable )

解析:解析:这是一个 It is … that …强调句型,强调的是主语 the feathers ,因此空格处应填写一个谓语动词,根据所给形容词 able 可填写其派生出的动词 enable 。

24.The U. S. population of kids (grow) 1since the 1970s, and will remain at high levels through the 1990s.
(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:_____ _____________  (正确答案:正确答案: has been growing )


三、  Reading Comprehension( 总题数: 11 ,分数: 50.00)

25. Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes)Directions: This part is to test your reading ability. There are 5 tasks for you to fulf ill. You should read the reading materials carefully and do the tasks as you are instructed.


26. Task 1Directions: After reading the following passage, you will f ind 5 questions or unfinished statements, numbered 36 through 40. For each question or statement there are 4 choices marked A, B, C, and D. You should make the correct choice .

________________________________________________________________________________ __________

Some people believe that you have to be a special kind of person to sell a product. But although it is clear that a successful salesman does need special talents and an open personality, many of the skills he uses are used by us all. We buil d and keep relationships with different kinds of people, we listen to and take note of what they tell us and don’t just enjoy the sound of our own voices, and we explain things to them or discuss ideas with them. In the same way, any company needs to estab lish a personal relationship with its major clients and potential customers. It is often said that “people do business with people” : a firm doesn’t just deal impersonally ( 没有人情味地 )with another firm. A person in the buying department regularly receives pers onal visits from people representing the firm’s suppliers ( 供应商  ) — or in the case of department stores or chain stores, a team of buyers may travel around visiting their suppliers. Keeping sales people “on the road” is much more expensive than employing them  to work in the office. Much of the sales people’s time is spent unproductively traveling. Telephone selling may use this time more productively, but a face-to-face meeting and discussion is much more effective. Companies involved in the export trade often  have a separate export sales force. Its travel and accommodation expenses may be very high. As a result, servicing overseas customers may often be done by phone, telex ( 电传 )or letter, and personal visits may be less often. Many firms appoint an overseas ag ent or distributor ( 分销商 ) whose own sales force takes over responsibility for selling their products in another country. (分数: 10.00 )

(1).According to the passage, to be a successful salesman, one______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.doesn’ t need any talent

 B.needs to go out  every day

 C.should listen to his boss

 D.should be able to work with different kinds of people  √

解析:解析:题干意为“根据本文,作为一个成功的商人,他…”。由第二段第一句“ We build and keep relationships with different kinds of people …”可以看出:我们与不同类型的人建立和保持联系,第三段也说明公司也要与其客户建立联系,由此可以推断出:要作为成功的商 人,应该能够与不同类型的人在一起工作,故选 D 。

(2).In the third paragraph, “potential customers” refers to people who______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.are likely to buy your products  √

 B.are already important clients of your firm

 C.are not willing buy your products

 D.are not interested in  your products

解析:解析:题干意为“在第三段中,‘ potential customers ’是指…”。“ potential customers ”意为“潜在的买主”,故选 A 。

(3).The phrase “on the road” in the last paragraph can be best replaced by______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.travelling  √




解析:解析:题干意为“ 在最后一段中,短语‘ on the road ’可由下面哪一项替换 ? ”。整句话的意思是:让销售人员总是“跑在路上”的花费要比雇佣他们在办公室工作的费用大得多。由此可见,‘ on the road ’是“商旅”的意思。再看四个选项: B 项意为“放松”; C 项意为“玩”; D 项意为“观光”,只有 A 项有“商旅”的意思,故选 A 。

(4).The passage indicates that some companies use telephone selling because______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.they h ave too many sales people

 B.their sales people don’ t like travelling

 C.it saves time  √

 D.it is more polite

解析:解析:题干意为“本文表明一些公司利用电话进行销售,是因为…”。由第三段第二句和第三句“ Much of the sales people’s time is spent unproductively traveling . Telephone selling may use this ti me more productively …”可以看出:电话销售可以更有效地利用这些时间,故选 C 。

(5).The last paragraph says that an overseas agent of a company is responsible for______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.training local sales people

 B.protecting local customers

 C.holding regular sales conferences

 D.selling  its products in the local area  √

解析:解析:题干意为“最后一段提到一家公司的海外代理商要负责…”。由文章最后一句“ Many firms appoint an overseas agent or distributor …”可以看出:很多公司都是指派一个海外代理商或分销商,负责在其他国家来销售他们的产品。由此可以推断出海外代理商负责在当地销售其产品,故选 D 。

27. Task 2Directions : This task is the same as Task 1 . The 5 q uestions or unfinished statements are numbered 41 through 45 .


The United States is a democracy, which means that the citizens run the government. Since we can’ t  all make the rules, we elect representatives — our president, vice-president, senators, congressmen, governors, and others who make the laws and govern our country based on the beliefs of the people. These elected officials help pass laws that reflect the i nterests of their constituents, the people who live within the areas they represent. Since the right to choose these representatives is in the hands of the people, it is very important that everyone in a community go to the polls to cast their ballots( 投票 ).  If only a few people vote, then the elected representatives may not truly represent the interests of the full community. Some day you may disagree with a decision made by your governor, state and federal ( 联邦的  ) representatives, or the president. The best  way to make your opinion known is to go to the polls and elect new officials whom you believe will better represent you in the future. By not voting, you are in effect giving up your right to help make changes in our country. During a presidential election , when millions of people exercise the right to vote, you might think that your single vote won’t make a difference. Remember, every vote counts. Even if the candidates you support aren’t elected, you’ve still had a hand in shaping the country’ s future. (分 数: 10.00 )

(1).The United States is a democracy in that______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.the government is elected by the citizens  √

 B.the rules and laws are made by the people

 C.what the president does is under permission of all the citizens

 D.everyone has a right to  make changes in its future

解析:解析:题干意为“美国在哪方面是一个民主国家”。由第一段第一句话可以得到答案,故选 A 。

(2).The word “constituents” in the first paragraph probably refers to______. (分数: 2.00 )


 B.the citizens in a certain region  √

 C.the candidates within some areas


解析:解析:题干意为“第一段中的单词‘ constituents ’很可能指的是…”。根据第一段最后一句话可知, the people who live …是对 constituents 的解释,所以 constituents 指的是“代表们所代表地区的人民”,故选 B 。

(3).The word “interests” in paragraph 2 can probably be replaced by______. (分数: 2.00 )



 C.bene fit  √


解析:解析:题干意为“第二段中的单词‘ interests ’可以被替换成…”。‘ interests ’在此处意为“利益”,‘ benefit ’也是“利益、好处”的意思,故选 C ,而答案 A “ profit ”是“利润,赢利”的意思。

(4).From the last two paragraphs we can learn that______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.the only way to make changes in the country is to vote

 B .to vote is in fact a right to play a part in the country  √

 C.even if the candidates you support aren’t elected, they’ve still lent you a hand

 D.a single vote makes no sense

解析:解析:题干意为“从最后两段我们可以知道…”。从文中“ By not voting you are in effect …”可知,“选举” 是公民参与管理国家的一项权利,故选 B 。

(5).The objective of this passage is to tell the people______. (分数: 2.00 )

 A.how to cast a successful vote

 B.how to become a president

 C.something about democracy

 D.why they should vote  √

解析:解析:题干意为“这篇文章的目的是要告诉人们…”。全文都在谈论参加选举的重要性,也就是在告 诉人们为什么要选举。而文章的最后两句话更说明了这一点,故选 D 。

28. Task 3Directions : The following is a passage . After reading it , you are required to complete the blanks below it(No . 46 through No . 50) . You should write your answers briefly in no more than three words .

_______________________ ___________________________________________________________________

Learning Tour Recently, we will hold a learning tour for those English learners. By joining our helpful tour, everyone will find out, at first, specific activities that help to improve  your English. Besides that, one can also have access to some interesting language learning materials in the Learning Tour. Moreover, participators will be taught the way to use computers and audio-visual facilities in the center. The learning tour will be  held every Wednesday and Thursday in different time. The former one is from 10:30 to 11:30a. m., while the latter one is 1: 00 -2: 00p. m. For registration, people can go to Tin Ping Building on the 4th floor or email your name, ID card No. and date of jo ining the tour to Miss Feng at feng@cahk. edu. hk Information on Learning Tour By joining the tour, one will find out: 1 that help to improve your English. Interesting language learning 2 in the tour. The way to 3 and audio-visual facilities in the center.  Time: Every Wednesday 10:30 -11:30a. m. Every Thursday 4 p. m. For registrations, email the name, 5 and the date of joining the tour.
(分数: 10.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: Specific activities )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: materials )

填空项 1:_____________ _____  (正确答案: use computers )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: 1 : 00-2 : 00 pm )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案: ID card No .)

解析:解析:由文中第三段最后一句话“ people can go to Tin Ping building on the 4th floor or email your name , ID card No . and date of joining the tour to Miss Feng at feng cahk . edu . hk ”可以找到答案。

30. Task 4Directions : The following is a passage . After reading it,you are required to find the items equivalent to those given in Chinese in the table below . Then you should put the corresp onding letters in the brackets , numbered 51 through 55 .


A — planned economy I — seller’s marketB — market economy J — buyer’s marketC — World Trade Organization K — Internati onal Business LawD — sales promotion L — economic recoveryE — negative trade balance M — international settlementF — retailing and wholesaling N — way of paymentG — inflation O — way of settlementH — favorable trade balance P — economic crisisExamples:(A) 计划经济  (M)  国际结算(分数: 10.0 0 )

(1).( ) 通货膨胀  ( ) 促销(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: G , D )

解析:解析:这是一系列关于经济与贸易的术语:  A — planned economy 计划经济  B — market economy 市场经济  C — World Trade Organization 世界贸易组织 D — sales promotion 促销  E — negative trade balance 贸易逆差  F — retailing and wholesaling 零售与批发  G — infl ation 通货膨胀  H — favorable trade balance 贸易顺差  I 一 seller ’ s market 卖方市场  J — buyer’s market 买方市场  K — International Business Law 国际商法  L — economic recovery 经济复苏  M — international settlement 国际结算  N — way of payment 支付方式  O — way of settlement 结算方式  P — economic crisis 经济危机

(2).( ) 批发与零售  ( ) 卖方 市场(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: F , I )

(3).( ) 世界贸易组织  ( ) 国际商法(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: C , K )

(4).( ) 结算方式  ( ) 贸易顺差(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: O , H )

(5).( ) 支付方式  ( ) 市场经济(分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________   (正确答案:正确答案: N , B )

31. Task 5Directions : The following is a passage . After reading it , you should give brief answers to the 5 questions(No . 56 through No . 60)that follow . The answers(in no more than 3 words)should be written after the corresponding numbers .

___ _______________________________________________________________________________________

Wanted xxx Foreign Language Institute is a foreign language studying institute. Now we are seeking for two English teachers. Qualifications: With a master degree in  English (either linguistics or literature) Proficiency in English and a good command of his/her major Deep love for teaching profession Ability to teach literature, linguistics and other courses for senior classes Good at using a computer and using Photos hop Qualified applicants will have interviews and tests. If interested, please send an application letter and detailed resume in Chinese and English, a recent photo and a copy of diploma. Those interested please contact Li Ming, the personnel director. Mai ling address: Personnel Section xxx Foreign Language Institute Postcode: 123456 Tel. No. : 87654321 (分数: 10.00 )

(1).What subject will the new teacher teach? 1and other courses for senior classes. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: Literature and lin guistics )

解析:解析:由文中“ Ability to teach literature , linguistics and other courses for senior classes ”可以得到答案。

(2).What degree is needed? (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: A master degree )

解析:解析:由文中“ With a master degree in English ”可以得到答案。

(3).What special skills are required? Good at using 1. (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: computer and Photoshop )

解析:解析:由文中“ Good at using a computer and using Photoshop ”可以得到答案。

(4).What will the qualified applicants have? (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:___________ _______  (正确答案:正确答案: Interviews and tests )

解析:解析:由文中“ Qualified applicants will have interviews and tests .”可以得到答案。

(5).Who is Li Ming? (分数: 2.00 )

填空项 1:__________________  (正确答案:正确答案: The personnel director )

解析:解析:由文中“ Those interested please contact Li Ming , the pe rsonnel director .”可以得到答案。

四、  Translation-English into Chinese( 总题数: 6 ,分数: 12.00)

32. Part IV Translation-English into Chinese (25 minutes)Directions: This part numbered 61 through 65 is to test your ability to translate English into Chinese . After each sentence  of numbers 61 to 64 , you will read three choices of suggested translation . Y (分数: 2.00 )



33.The Chinese government has offered great support to Tibet in terms of man power , material resources , funding and technology .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 中国政府从人力、物力、资金和技术上大力支援西藏。   √

 B. 中国政府非常支持西藏,无论从人员方面还是从物力、资金和技术上。

 C. 中国政府是西藏的坚强后盾,这表现在人力、物力、资金和技术上。

解析:解析: in terms of …意为“从…方面”。

34.More than 800 people from all walks of life attended the opening ce remony of this company .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 八百多名各界人士参加了这个公司的开幕仪式。   √

 B. 八百多老百姓对这个公司的开幕表示祝贺。

 C. 来自各方面的八百多人参加了这个公司的开幕仪式。

解析:解析: all walks of life 意为“各行各业的人”; opening ceremony 意为“开幕典礼”。

35.Now I must work twice as hard to catch up with others .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 我现在必须花两倍的时间,为的 是赶上别人。

 B. 我现在必须加倍努力,与别人保持同步。   √

 C. 我现在必须加倍努力才能超过别人。

解析:解析:在这里 work twice as hard 是指加倍努力; catch up with others 是“赶上别人”的意思。

36.With these markings it is possible for motorists from all over the world to drive with greater safety .
(分数: 2.00 )

 A. 有了这些标志,来自世界各地的驾驶员开起车来就可能安全多了。   √

 B. 根据这些记号,也许司机们从世界各地开车来安全性会更大些。

 C. 沿着这些标志,司机们有可能更安全的从世界各地赶来。

解析:解析: from all over the world 修饰 motorists ,在一起应该译为“来自世界各地的驾驶员”。

37.Dear Sirs ,  We are pleased to recommend you Shanghai Carpet , which is available for export at presen t . This product has been widely sold to various markets abroad , and we believe that there is also a demand for it at your end . Now we enclose a copy of our catalogue you ’ re your reference . Please study it and let us know your comments , so that we may discuss th e business possibilities .
(分数: 2.00 )


正确答案: ( 正确答案: ( 执事 ) 先生:今向贵公司介绍目前我方可供出口的上海地毯,该产品已在国外市场上广泛销售,相信你处也有需求。兹先寄上目录一份,供参考。请你方研究,并函告我方,以便进一步探讨交易的可能性。 )

解析:解析:这是一封商业信函。翻译这种信函时,一定 要注意用语和格式的规范性。另外要注意: at your end 意为“你方”; catalogue 意为“目录”; for your reference 意为“供你参考”。

五、  Writing( 总题数: 2 ,分数: 4.00)

38. Part V Writing (25 minutes)Directions: This part is to test your ability to do practical writing . (分数: 2.00 )

_______________________________________ ___________________________________________________

39. 假定你是李明。北京奥组委正在选拔英语翻译志愿者,你希望参加。写信日期: 2008 年 6 月 23 日申请函需要包括: 1 .个人情况:年龄,性别,学历 2 .个人条件:英语好,爱好体育,友善,乐于助人 3 .联系方式 Words for reference :奥运会 Olympic Games 志愿者 Volunteer
(分数: 2.00 )

_________________________________________ _________________________________________________

正确答案: ( 正确答案:  June 23rd, 2008 Dear Sir or Madam, I’m writing to apply for the position of volunteer interpreter for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. My name is Li Ming, 22-year-old boy. Now as a sophomore stud ent in Beijing Normal University, and I have a good command of English. I am kind and friendly to other people, and always ready to help others. I have a keen interest in all kinds of sports activities. Therefore, I hope I can contribute my part to the 200 8 Beijing Olympic Games. Thank you for your consideration to my application. I am looking forward to your early reply. Yours Sincerely, Li Ming)




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