Universal Copy(全局复制APK) Apk Global replication

Universal Copy(全局复制APK)
Apk Global replication

Universal Copy 一款来自Camel Corporation 开发的小工具,作为解决复制功能中一个功能增强。简单来讲Universal Copy利用了Android系统自带的辅助功能,能够实现在Universal Copy激活的情况下点击任意页面实现文本的复制,与自带的复制功能最大的不同就是它能够任意选取,不需要文本连续,大大节约时间。

Universal copy is a small tool developed by camera Corporation as an enhancement in the solution of replication function. In short, universal copy takes advantage of the auxiliary functions provided by Android system, which can copy text by clicking on any page when universal copy is activated. The biggest difference between universal copy and the built-in copy function is that it can be selected arbitrarily without continuous text, which greatly saves time.

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